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Kathryn Le Veque's World of de Wolfe Pack ~ The Saint by Cathy MacRae

Immerse yourself into the fabulous worlds created for USA Today and Amazon All-Star bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack Amazon Kindle World! Based off Kathryn’s epic saga, seventeen authors have written and released new stories using Kathryn’s original settings, characters, or plots for a re-launch of the world. You’ll find incredible authors with books of Time-Travel, Highlander, Conquest England, Regency, and Contemporary Romance just to name a few. This launch is covering all of the bases of Historical Romance and more. Read on below to get to know one of the featured authors and their book in the Wolfe Pack. To learn more about the other authors and books included, you can follow the World of de Wolfe Pack on Facebook.


The Saint by Cathy MacRae
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Genre: Medieval Romance


Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the famous Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde is counted among the greatest knights England had ever known. Revered for his justness and strict adherence to the chivalric code, he was known as The Saint. 

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of her late husband's brother, Marsaili de Ville runs headlong into the path of The Saint. She wants nothing more than to reach the safety of her family's home in Scotland before Edmund de Ville’s henchmen capture her, but Geoffrey de Wylde insists on becoming her protector, slowing her flight and putting her unknowingly at risk. 

As her past catches up with her, Marsaili will find more than a safe haven in The Saint’s arms. And Geoffrey de Wylde will discover his code does not tell him what to do with a woman who has been accused of murder, yet has captured his heart. 


Lord de Wylde motioned for her to be seated. “The accommodations are somewhat sparse, but you are welcome to such as I have.”
Marsaili did not accept his offer, but folded her hands before her as though readying to address a particularly recalcitrant servant. He tamped down his rising ire, swearing to listen calmly to what she had to say.
“Milord, I believe the men were sent here by Edmund. I appreciate the fact ye appear to believe I am being followed. For that I thank ye. But I am uncertain our small group can withstand another assault such as this.”
He quirked a brow at her. “Is battle-planning another of your skills?” Motioning vaguely at her skirts, he indicated the presence of the daggers he knew were hidden beneath the fabric. “You have admitted to a fine hand with a needle, and demonstrated a bit of skill with a knife. You should speak to Simon about replacing him as my captain.”
Her deprecating look nearly drove him insane. “Milord, I understand ye dinnae wish to hear a woman’s opinion, but come out from under yer rock and at least admit what I say could be true.”
He slapped his thighs with the palms of his hands and rose to his feet, deriving a bit of satisfaction to tower over her. “I have already realized this and will have Wythevede ready the wagon. If he can be persuaded to leave off fawning at your side and attend his duties.”
He glanced past her stormy visage, a twinge of remorse at his treatment of her tugging at him. He tempered his voice. “When Walter and Simon have finished admiring your handiwork with a knife, we will take to the road. Dawn isn’t far off and lingering is, as you suggest, a poor idea.”
He moved past her, but she placed a small hand on his arm. Halting, he gave her a bland look. “Milady?”
“I am sorry ye have such a poor opinion of me,” she began, a pained look on her face. “I have run the keep at Bellevue since my marriage, despite Edmund’s meddling. I learned not to dither when decisions need to be made, and I do realize a sweet smile oft wins more than a sour visage. However, you and I seem to butt heads at every turn. Please know I appreciate what ye are doing for me.”
Geoffrey waited for the rest of her words, bracing for whatever ultimatum she planned. She cocked her head at him, the hint of a smile playing about her lips. The pale light of the waning moon cast its light on the snow, sending a myriad of white sparks twinkling about her. The early morning shadows hid the stains on her gown and her regal bearing lent her the presence of a queen. His fingers itched to smooth the fiery strands of hair from her brow.
“Milord? Have I said something amiss? Would ye accept my apology?”
Geoffrey’s lips curled back from his teeth in a feral grin. “That was an apology?” He inclined his head. “My honest mistake. I feared you asked for my regrets.”
She blinked at him. “They are yer knights, yer wagon and driver. Other than underestimating me, what do ye have to regret?”
Damning the consequences, he snaked an arm around her waist and hauled her against him. Bending his head, he whispered, “This.”


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Amazon best-selling author Cathy MacRae enjoys weaving tales of romance in the Highland mists. Her stories feature strong heroes and feisty heroines in pursuit of their happy-ever-afters in medieval Scotland. 

When not writing, Cathy can be found curled up in a chair with a book or enjoying the outdoors with her corgis and maybe a German Shepherd or two. A member of RWA, NTRWA, and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, she is currently working on another Highland romance novel and planning her next trip to Scotland.


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