Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Blast & Giveaway ~ The Crimson Eyed Dragon by DM Trink

Crimson Eyed Dragon
D.M. Trink
YA Adventure
is over for the summer! All Jared wants to do is sleep, swim, and
delve into as many computer and video games as possible. Life has
other plans for him, however, and everything transforms one fateful
afternoon when Jared accompanies his mom to an antique shop.
is inexplicably attracted to a magnificent silver dragon statue with
eyes that glow like precious rubies. When Jared brings the statue
home, he initiates a chain of events that catapults him and his
friends Griffin and Chase into a great adventure solving the mystery
of the crimson-eyed dragon. Joined by Chase’s sister Amber, the
teens discover that the statue holds a vital clue to the previous
owner’s life. They embark on an innocent quest, but the secrets
that unfold lead them into unimaginable danger that could ultimately
destroy all of their lives.

was a dragon figurine with red eyes and wings spread out for flight.
was entranced, dragons ranked right up there with  his interests
in sword and sorcery. The statue was about a foot high and maybe 
feet across in width but it appeared solid  and heavy so Jared
took great care picking it up to examine it more closely. It was
Jared with its intricate  etchings and mottled appearance. The
silver was blackened in its deep grooves but that made it all the
more beautiful. The 
glowed like precious jewels and the dragon's features looked
As Jared carefully turned the statue over to examine
its underside one of the eyes fell out. Jared's reflexes were quick
and he managed to catch it before it hit the ground. 
looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed his predicament
but everyone in the shop was otherwise engaged.
swiftly righted the dragon and examined the empty socket. The
lighting in the shop was dim so he couldn't make out 
how it had been attached. He tried pushing the ruby-colored orb into
the opening but it only fell out again when moved. 
to do but confess!"  Jared muttered to himself. 
"I hope it isn't a priceless artifact."
grew up in Greenfield Park, Quebec where I got my CEGEP diploma in
Commerce at Dawson College. I had just finished one year at McGill
University majoring in Economics when my family decided to move to
After moving with them I
switched my career path to the medical field. I consequently trained
as an x-ray technologist and worked in that occupation for about ten
years. Since then I have co-owned and operated a family business,
done bookkeeping, and worked in retail where I have made some
wonderful friends.
currently live in Hamilton with my favourite guys (my husband Ben and
my son Alex), and sometimes with my stepsons Michael (thanks for all
the computer help!), David and Stephen. We feel lucky to have them
nearby where we can watch them grow up, have careers, and start to
have delightful families of their own. I am also grateful to know
that I have the love and support of my mom, sister Ninette, brothers
Darryl and Hillary and of course all the Trinks!
have enjoyed writing short stories and poetry since my high school
days. I always wanted to try writing a romance novel and Wrapped in a
Rainbow is that accomplishment. I am presently working on a book in a
very different genre; it is more in the style of a Hardy Boys/Nancy
Drew-type of mystery story (but maybe I will add a bit of romance!)

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