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Author Spotlight ~ Tracie Podger - Author of Contemporary Romance!


About the Author:

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK, with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.
Tracie is a multi-genre author. She likes to write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, and thrillers. She recommends that you check out the classification on her books, or feel free to shoot her a message and ask.


Books by Tracie Podger

Fallen Angel, Part 1 – A mafia romance
Fallen Angel, Part 2 – A mafia romance
Fallen Angel, Part 3 – A mafia romance
Fallen Angel, Part 4 – A Mafia romance
Evelyn - A Novella – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series
Rocco – A Novella – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series
Robert – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series
Travis – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series
A Virtual Affair – Contemporary romance & standalone
Gabriel – A thriller/suspense & standalone
The Facilitator – An erotic romance & standalone
All available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook & Kobo
Coming soon
A Deadly Sin – releasing November 18th
Hitchhiker – early 2017
The Passion Series – Jackson – mid 2017
Letters to Lincoln – mid 2017
Rocco: The Missing Years


Excerpt from Fallen Angel, Part 1 (over 18’s)
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We fell silent, looking at the view below. He lifted his hand and moved some hair from my shoulder exposing my neck. Lowering his head, he placed a small kiss on the side. His eyes met mine in the reflection of the glass; there was a question in them.
I should have been outraged but I wasn’t, I just felt an immediate attraction to him. A fire raged in the pit of my stomach, my heart missed a beat, fluttering in my chest, and I felt my legs start to shake. I wanted to lean back into him, to feel his body against mine. All the time I faced the glass wall with him behind me watching his reflection.
“I want you, Brooke,” he softly said.
I couldn’t answer; I felt entranced and all rational thought left my brain, leaving nothing but an overwhelming desire for him. I gently nodded my head.
He unzipped my dress and it fell, crumpled to my feet leaving me standing in just my underwear and shoes. I stepped out of the dress and wanted to turn to face him but he held my hips, keeping me still. With one hand he ran his fingers up my spine sending shivers through my body. His hands travelled over my shoulders and down my arms, holding them to my waist while his lips trailed a path from my neck to my ear. I wanted to reach up, to run my hand through his hair, and to touch him, but all the time he held me still.
A small moan escaped my lips and I felt him smile at my response. A burn started between my legs, my body was aching with desire for him. One arm circled my waist and with the other he ran his fingers down my throat, over the top of my breasts and down my stomach.
“Do you know what I want to do, Brooke? I want to watch you come and then I want to fuck you.”


A Virtual Affair -
Available on all platforms


A Virtual Affair - a new standalone by Tracie Podger
Do you know what hope smells like?
It’s a combination of the sea, of exposed seaweed and salty air.
Of wet sand on a winter’s day.
Jayne was mid-forties when she experienced the worst and the best times of her life.
She fell in love, so desperately in love.
She lost everything overnight.
This is Jayne’s story of love and loss, of a battle with depression and learning to love herself again.
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Gabriel -
Available on all platforms


There are some f**ked up people in the world, unfortunately the worst kind ended up destroying my life.
My wife had been murdered and I made it my mission to find out why and by whom.
But when the ‘why’ and the ‘whom’ invaded my small town, my house, my life, and turned it upside down, it brought more death and devastation.
When you don’t know your enemy it’s hard to know who to trust.
I had the greatest religion on earth on one side and a mad man on the other.
I was stuck in the middle.
My name is Gabriel. I had a perfect life, a perfect wife, and now I am fighting for justice.
Suspense/thriller for readers over the age of 18 – Gabriel by Tracie Podger
#Suspense #Thriller #Standalone #MustRead #SinnerNotASaint
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Gabriel Ebook cover

The Facilitator –
Available on all platforms

The Facilitator.009


It started as a game.
Two adults, both lonely; one an expert, the other learning on the quick.
He thought he was giving her what she desired. She hated herself for loving it.
Lauren Perry thought her life was fine. She knew what she wanted and where she was going. That was until her husband left her.
Mackenzie Miller thought his life was fine. He knew what he wanted and he took, always. That was until he broke his own rules.
What would you do if someone gave you the opportunity to experience all of your fantasies?
Lauren Perry decided to find that out.
Contemporary romance for readers over the age of 18
Contains scenes of F/F, M/M/F & light BDSM
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The facilitator ecover

A Deadly Sin



There are seven deadly sins, so they say.
Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed.
We are guilty of them all. But what happens when someone decides to become judge, jury, and executioner of those that commit these sins?
Detective Mich Curtis is thrown back into a world he thought he’d managed to struggle out of.
It started as a simple murder case to solve – it became a fight to survive.
Seven sins, seven murders – who will be the last man standing?
The executioner or the only person fucked up enough to get inside his mind?
Suspense/thriller for readers over the age of 18
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Available for pre-order
Scheduled for release – 18th November 2018


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Author Interview Questions – Tracie Podger

  1. Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?
I tend to spend an hour or so first thing going through emails and messages. Then I’ll settle down to write. I’ll write all day and literally until my eyelids are drooping! I’ll take a break for lunch but other than that, if I’m on a roll, I just can’t stop.

  1. Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?
The Facilitator is a rather sexy novel, due out at the end of August so in edits at the moment – What would you do if you were given the opportunity to experience all of your fantasies? Lauren Perry is about to find out!
The Facilitator is about a woman who finds herself single after many years. She’s a little lost, feels inadequate, until Mackenzie Miller decides to empower her in the only way he knows how – through sex.

  1. What inspires you when you’re writing?
Life generally. And the desire to better what I’ve already written. I like to be in competition with myself and my last book.

  1. What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?
Probably my mobile phone, my cup of tea, and my pad and pencil. My desk is a mess, usually.

  1. What’s your favorite genre and why?
I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and suspense/thriller. I love to read crime as well. I like to dabble in different genres; I find it a challenge to stretch myself. As for why…I like the fantasy worlds I create, and the people in them.

  1. Any advice you have for a blossoming author?
If you have a desire to write, write! Be realistic though, this isn’t an industry where you’ll get rich quick, if at all. It’s extremely rare to hit the big time. Write because you want to, because you have to. The most important person you need to support you is an editor. Sell a kidney if you have, but pay for someone to look over your work. You might be an A student in English, your mum might be a teacher, but you’re too close to your story to see it’s flaws. And when you’ve found that trusted person, believe them.

  1. When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
Lately, writing is all I do. However, when I get time, I scuba dive! I’m a Padi Scuba Diving instructor although I no longer teach, I don’t have time. But I still enjoy indulging in my hobby, underwater photograph. I particularly like to photograph sharks.

  1. What or who inspired you to become a writer?
Depression inspired me to write. I was in the nut house (this is true) and was encouraged to write a journal, or notes really. I decided if I could make a story from those notes, just for me. I wrote and found I loved the process and I got lost in the fiction. I forgot about my troubles. Eventually I ended up with the first version of A Virtual Affair. I found that I couldn’t stop writing.

  1. How long have you been writing? How long as a published writer?
I started writing six or seven years ago. I’ve been saying six years, for years, so I suspect it’s more. I published Fallen Angel, Part 1 in December 2013. I eventually published a completely rewritten version of A Virtual Affair February 2016, six years after it was written.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
I write what I like to read, I hope it’s what you’ll like to read also. I love to chat to readers and if you’d like to connect, please feel free to follow my Facebook page –

Just for fun:

  1. Do you have any pets?
I have a cat called George; he doesn’t like me very much!

  1. Who’s your favorite musician/band?
I have a diverse range of music that I like, anything from classical to rock. I don’t have a particular favourite; I guess my moods dictate what I’m into at that moment.

  1. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
As I said, I like to scuba dive so anywhere there is a fabulous ocean! The Maldives is a particular favourite.

  1. Do you like coffee or tea?
Earl Grey Tea! I’m not a big coffee drinker.

  1. Did you go to college? If so, what was your major?
I started a degree in Business Law but switched to Marketing.

  1. Are you a full-time writer or do you also work in another field? If so, what field?
I’m a full time writer. 

Character Interview

Gabriel  from the novel, Gabriel by Tracie Podger

•What do you want from life?
For my daughter to be safe and happy, that’s all.  

• If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
I’d like to go back in time, if I could do that, I’d forgo the other two wishes. So much has happened to my family in a short space of time and if I could go back six months, I might have been able to prevent that.

• What three things would you take to a Desert Island?
Memories, my daughter, and a boat! My daughter is five and although a few days on a deserted island would be bliss right now, I’m not sure how long she’d manage.

•In your relationship with others, how are you different with family than you are with friends? Why?
I’m protective of my family; I’ve been duped and lied to so much by others that I like to keep my circle very small.

•How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?
I met my wife at a fight. When the police broke it up she didn’t know to run. We ended up in a diner and she was furious with me, I was in love with her!

•What parts of loving come easy for you? Hard?
Loving my wife came easy, loving my daughter even easier. Sierra, my wife, was the kindest person I’d ever met. Her nature made loving her easy.

•How do you decide if you can trust someone? Experience with others? with this person? First impressions? Intuition? Do you test the person somehow? Or are you just generally disposed to trust or not to trust?
I don’t trust anyone who isn’t in my circle. So far, that has kept me alive.

•When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Second?
Where my enemies are. After, is there a threat to me?

•When you walk into a room, what do you expect people to notice about you?
I don’t like to be noticed, I’m a very private person. I just want to build my home, keep my daughter safe, and have some peace.

•Describe yourself to me.
I’m a country man at heart; I loved my wife, my daughter, and my life. Events ripped my world apart and I guess I’m more cynical, hardened, and suspicious now. I have enemies, I don’t know where they are, or whether they’ll ever return so I’m always on alert.

•Is one sense more highly developed than another? (Are you more visual, or audial, etc, or do you rely on the famous sixth sense?)
I have great gut instinct. When everyone around me doubted my fears, I proved them wrong. I doubted myself at times but now, well, now it’s the only thing I’ll listen to.

•Did you turn out the way you expected? The way your parents predicted?
Yes. I was brought up to stand up for myself, to fight for my rights, and to be an honourable man. My Dad was a Vietnam vet, a very proud man, and I strive to be like him.

•What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
My daughter. She’s my world and my soul only exists because of her.

•What's the one thing you have always wanted to do but didn't/couldn't/wouldn't? What would happen if you did do it?
I’d have loved to have more time with my wife. Five years wasn’t enough. Her loss hits me like a physical pain every single day but I know I have to get on with life for the sake of my daughter.

•What do you consider are your strengths?
Despite what has happened to my family, I get up every morning. There were times I didn’t want to. There were times my body ached with tiredness and despair but then I’d see my daughter and knew I had to keep going.

•What do you consider are your weaknesses?
My family. I’ll kill to protect them.

•What is one physical attribute you are proud of?
It’s not physical but I have a heart, an anatomically correct heart, tattooed on my chest. I had it done when I met my wife. I wanted her to see my heart beat only for her.

•What one physical attribute would you change?

•What do you consider your special talent?
My special talent? Mmm…I guess it’s my ability to see through bullshit!

•What are you most proud of about your life?
That I survived; that I became the man I am today.

•What's the worst thing you've ever done? Why?
Murdered. But was it the worst thing? I don’t think so. I rid the world of evil and I won’t lose sleep over that.

•Describe your ideal mate.
My wife was, and I’d never try to replace her. My ideal partner will be someone who will love my daughter as much as they love me.

•What are you most afraid of?
There is only one thing I fear, and that’s losing my family.

•What's the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?
Family. Since the death of my wife, my family and close friends are the most valuable things I have.

•How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
I feel a little more positive than I did a month ago. I feel like I’m able to cope and move on.

•If you could be an animal, what would it be?
I wouldn’t want to be anything other than who I am. But if I had to choose an animal, I guess it would be a wolf. I’m fiercely loyal but abuse that and I’ll turn in an instant.