Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Good Gracie - The Piper Series by Ines Saint

Ines Saint
Date: 4/11/2017
Contemporary Romance

Hills, Ohio, home of the third most haunted street in the state, is
the perfect place for three sisters to banish the unhappy specters of
their pasts—and to let romance cast its spell . . .

Piper is good at being invisible, and she likes it that way. At just
seventeen, she took a very public stand against the boy who passed a
revealing video of her all over school. Ever since, she’s staked
her life on staying out of the limelight. But when she moves back to
Spinning Hills, she comes face to face with her painful past. In the
same historic building Gracie’s boss has assigned her to supervise
renovating works the man who helped her find justice nine years ago,
and nearly lost his own career in the process. A man who suddenly
arouses feelings that make Gracie weak in the knees . . .

Goodwin is sure he’s seeing a ghost when he spots Gracie in the
halls of his office building. Taking her case was a professional risk
that became all too personal when a bitter ex accused him of getting
involved with teenage Gracie. Seeing her again is opening old wounds,
and threatening brand-new ones—his campaign for County Prosecutor
won’t withstand a brand-new scandal. But there’s something about
sweet, gorgeous Gracie that brings out the crusader in him—and the
thing he’ll fight hardest for is her love . . .

born in Zaragoza, Spain. She’s bilingual and bicultural and has
spent the last ten years raising her fun, inspiring little boys and
sharing her life with the man of her dreams, who also happens to be
her best friend and biggest cheerleader. Her greatest joys are
spending quality time with family and close friends.

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