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Blog Tour & Review ~ An Earl for the Archeress - The Ladies of Scotland, #1 by E. Elizabeth Watson

An Earl for the Archeress

by E. Elizabeth Watson
The Ladies of Scotland #1
Publication Date: July 24, 2017
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Historical, Romance



Desperate for coin, Lady Mariel Crawford enters an archery contest as a boy but despite her unmatched skill she loses in a tie to the intriguing, frustrating, and very handsome Earl of Huntington. Robert of Huntington seems like any other young philanderer and Mariel, fleeing a cruel father, trusts no man. Yet Robert proves to have a softer side that threatens her resolve to remain alone and unattached.

When Robert bests a young woman at a tourney, his curiosity deepens when he realizes she is the daughter of the ruthless Beast of Ayr. And when he learns that Mariel’s father conspires with the Sheriff of Nottingham Robert is compelled to protect her. Even if it means lying. Even if it means the only way he can save her is by marrying her. He’s willing to lose everything to guard the Scottish wildling who has pierced his heart.


            Watching Robert gallivant through the trees to pester the Sheriff of Nottingham, while humorous, now made perfect sense. After today, she knew he was right. There was no other recourse for the poor souls wronged by Nottingham. They needed someone who would defend them and provide for them when they had been wronged. Nottingham was an unfair man, exactly like her father. And with King Richard fighting in the Crusade, Nottingham had no one overseeing him. What were the people to do in the face of Nottingham’s unchecked injustice?

But she also thought of Robert’s kiss, of his inclusion of her with his men, of his compliment that, in spite of her being of the fairer sex, she had done well and deserved a place on his council. It warmed her heart to know he recognized her ability and wasn’t threatened by it. And though he teased mercilessly and she sometimes wished to slap the smile off his face, she felt affection for him soften her. He was confusing, but trustworthy. He hadn’t lied to her. He had protected her. He respected her. She felt herself capitulating. Mayhap, just mayhap, she really could trust him.

An Earl for the Archeress is story-telling at it's highest! Huge High 5 Stars! I love a good Robin Hood and any fairy tale retelling, but this one is truly one of the best! Lady Mariel Crawford is on the run from her horrible, abusive, and overbearing father. She's destitute and nearly out of coin, so she enter's herself (disguised as her make believe brother) in a tourney for archery. She's a very skilled archeress but winning this competition isn't just about winning, her livelihood is on the line. The Earl of Huntington, Robert of Huntington catches onto Mariel's little scheme but he know's there's got to be some reason she needs to enter this competition. So the competition begins and it's down to Mariel against the Earl, at first it's said the Robert has won and Mariel, now very destitute and unsure what to do, flees the fair. Robert can't seem to stop thinking about this fair maiden. Mariel is found stealing game from the Earl's lands and is arrested. 

The next day, after being beaten and made to stay in the dark dungeon, she's drug up to meet the Earl, where he becomes enraged at his men for mistreating her this way. He takes her in his arms and places her in the guest room where he tends to her and helps her regain her strength. In the midst of all of this, he has learned that the tourney competition was not a solid win, but that he and Mariel had tied. He's even more enraged by his men. As time goes on through the tale, Mariel is so desperate to escape her father's clutches and fears he will find her. So Robert vows to protect her. All the while, he grapples with the thought of marrying her to protect her.  What plan will Robert come up with to protect Mariel? Will Mariel awaken to the feelings brewing within her for the dashingly beautiful earl? or continue running from her heart and her father?

I absolutely loved this tale. This story kept me reading long into the last night and is just fabulous. I loved all of the characters' and the plot is so thick with twists and turns and to see the love and passion brewing from the two lovers is fabulous. I Highly recommend this tale is you love a good fairy tale retelling!



E. Elizabeth Watson writes historical romance and lives on a mountain in West Virginia with her sons, husband, and various pets. With degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology, Elizabeth instead began pursuing a career in fiction writing after earning an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Texas Observer short story completion, and making it to the quarter-finals in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Prince of Lions, was published in January of 2016, and Son of Ballymead, the sequel, followed in February 2017. One Scottish Knight, her first novella, was released at the end of April, 2017. Her first two traditionally published novels, An Earl for the Archeress, and Maiden’s Defender, will be published by Entangled July 2017 and November 2017.


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