Saturday, September 9, 2017

Book Tour & Giveaway ~ An Arrow Against the Wind - The Bow of Hart Saga: Book 2 by P.H. Solomon #Epic #Fantasy

Arrow Against the Wind
Bow of Hart Saga: Book 2

P.H. Solomon

Epic Fantasy

by his past. Hunted in the present. Buffeted like an arrow in the

hunt for the Bow of Hart continues for Athson and his companions.
They have escaped the clutches of Magdronu and Corgren, but they are
still pursued. In need of answers to deep mysteries revealed in
Chokkra, Athson must gain possession of the mythic bow to face both
his enemies and his tragic past. But Magdronu's reach stretches among
Athson's companions, endangering Limbreth and even Hastra in schemes
to entrap them all. With each turn of the search for the Bow of Hart,
long hidden secrets surface that threaten to destroy Athson. Will he
falter like an arrow against the wind?

Arrow Against the Wind is a wonderful follow-up to The Bow of
Destiny." - Bookwraiths

have read more than a couple great books this year, and An Arrow
Against the Wind is surely among them." - Fantasia Reviews

Bow of Destiny

Bow of Hart Saga: Book 1

by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

has seen things that aren't there and suffered fits since being
tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Corgren the
wizard. When a strange will mentioning a mysterious bow comes into
his possession, he's not sure it's real. But the trolls that soon
pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And what's worse, these
raiders serve Corgren and his master, the hidden dragon, Magdronu,
who are responsible for the destruction of his childhood home. Athson
is drawn into a quest for the concealed Bow of Hart by the mystic
Withling, Hastra, but Athson isn't always sure what's real and who
his enemies are. With Corgren and Magdronu involved, Athson must face
not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons
behind his tragic past.

Prequel short stories to The Bow of Hart Saga:

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H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly
dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs
these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as
the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd
as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica
not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports
and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a
wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working
regularly to hone his writing. The Bow of Destiny is his first
novel-length title with more soon to come.

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  1. I think these books sound quite interesting! I think the most intriguing character from these books would be Athson. Looking forward to checking out these books!

  2. Totally up my street. Love High Fantasy (Jordan, Brooks etc) and want to find out who "Magdronu and Corgren" are.