Monday, July 23, 2018

Darkness and Blood - A Thriller by Steve Haberman

and Blood
Steve Haberman


are letter bombs.

There are car bombs.

And in Steve
Haberman's upcoming DARKNESS AND BLOOD, there is a file
bomb, ultra top secret information so horrifying in its content that
an unintended recipient, after downloading it, dies from a heart

The south of France, past midnight.

An American
intelligence officer, accompanied by several bodyguards, has secretly
flown in from London, with some terrible news.  The news is for
a friend, a very ex-intelligence agent, hiding out in an
ancient farmhouse.  A mutual confidant, a retired MI5
analyst, he explains, has suffered an odd cardiac arrest and died. To
compound the mystery, just before the death, three men had entered
the deceased's flat.  Two of them ranked high up in British
domestic intelligence; the third--from the CIA or MI6?--was an
unknown. Minutes later, presumably after their old friend had passed
away, those three fled his flat and disappeared into the London

So sets in motion with this strange night tale the
soon-to-be-released thriller, DARKNESS AND BLOOD. The
unnerving, all-too-real sequel to THE KILLING PLOY.

University of Texas graduate, Steve Haberman pursued legal studies at
UCLA before embarking on a career as a legal assistant. Profitable
stock market investments made travel abroad possible, and he has
since visited Europe extensively and frequently, including London,
Paris, Prague, Berlin, as well as Milan and Budapest. Many of these
feature as settings in his two e-book novels. "Murder Without
Pity," a murder mystery with tragic echoes from the past, occurs
in Paris. "The Killing Ploy" (with heavy overtones of "fake
news" before that was topical) is set partially in several
Continental capitals. His two works in progress, "Darkness and
Blood," the sequel to "The Killing Ploy," and "Winston
Churchill's Renegade Spy" also use foreign locales. He is
presently planning another three month trip abroad for research on a
fifth thriller, this one set in the post World War II apocalyptic
ruin of the German capital.

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  1. When you have a lot of readers in the family, these tours are perfect. I appreciate getting to find new books for them so thank you.