Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blog Tour ~ The Little Book of Big Roolz by SK Berit

sk berit book of roolz

 Blurb 2 

You've sensed it, but haven't acknowledged it, except in your darkest moments.


worry you are a horrible person. But you're not so bad, because truly

awful people don't waste time thinking about such things.

Look at

all the other books on these shelves (virtual or actual). They all want

you to feel better, whether you deserve to or not. If you want a pat on

the hand and someone to tell you you're doing just fine, you got the

wrong book.

Why do you want more of that kind of shit? It's why

you dig your rut deeper every year. It's why you keep making the same

mistakes, repeating the same fucked up shit, and why you keep asking

yourself why bad things happen to you.

Bad shit will keep

happening as long as you keep the same mentality that created those

situations in the first place. But you don't even know what your

thinking is doing to you, or which thoughts are fucking you up, so how

the fuck are you ever going to change?

You want comfort, talk to your grandma. You want to be a better you, and have good shit come your way? Read on.

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 Author Bio

SK Berit is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, semi-fiction, and quasi-fiction, pretty much anything with the word fiction in it. He dabbles in art, photography, espionage, and animal cloning.
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Twitter: @skberit
IG: @skberitofficial
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