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Review Tour ~ Don't Call Me Kit Kat by K. J. Farnham #YA #Contemporary

Don't Call Me Kit Kat

Don’t Call Me Kit Kat

by K.J. Farnham

Genre: Contemporary

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: April 20, 2015


Junior high is where things really start to happen. Cliques form and break apart. Couples are made and destroyed. And a reputation is solidified that you won’t ever be able to escape. Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters.

Katie Mills knows that. She gets it. That’s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school. And why she was so devastated when those efforts found her detained for shoplifting and laughed out of cheer squad tryouts.

But Katie has more to worry about than just fitting in. Her parents are divorced and always fighting. Her sister never has time for her. And her friends all seem to be drifting apart. Even worse? The boy she has a crush on is dating the mean girl at school.

Everything is a mess, and Katie doesn’t feel like she has control over any of it. Certainly not over her weight, which has always topped out at slightly pudgier than normal—at least, according to her mother.

So when she happens to catch one of the popular girls throwing up in the bathroom one day, it sparks an idea. A match that quickly engulfs her life in flames.

Is there any going back once she gets started down this path?

And would she even want to if she could?

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A Dynamite high 5 Teacups for Don't Call Me Kit Kat by K. J. Farnham. An absolutely riveting tale through the angst of being a teen and trying to find oneself in this crazy world. Katie Mills has quite a rough life, her parents are recently divorced and at constant war with one another. She's desperately trying to fit in at school and there's one cute boy in particular that she'd really like to get to know, but he's dating another girl. Feeling out of control and lost, and hating her self more and more, especially her weight, Katie begins a dangerous game of purging her food. At first it starts as something cool to do and a way to lose weight, but soon that too Katie has no control over. Can she find herself and stop before it's too late? Eating disorders are so common among teenage girls and boys today and I feel this story has a great message for our youth!

KJ FarnhamAbout the Author:

Born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, K. J. Farnham was an educator for 12 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee and a master’s degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

After relocating from Milwaukee to Hudson, Wisc., in 2011, Farnham became a freelance writer and resolved to complete her first novel. The storyline for “Click Date Repeat” is a result of her experiences (and mishaps) with online dating, through which she met her husband.

Farnham lives with her husband, three children and four cats. When she is not busy keeping up with her kids, she can be found reading or writing. She is currently working on a spinoff of “Click Date Repeat” and YA suspense novel called SPIN.

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