Saturday, April 28, 2018

Book Review ~ 4 Teacups for Frozen Stiff - A Chase Adams FBI Thriller: Book 1 by Patrick Logan

Frozen Stiff

A Chase Adams FBI Thriller Book 1


Patrick Logan

I give Frozen Stiff - A Chase Adams FBI Thriller by Patrick Logan 4 Teacups. We are first met by Chase Adams who is running from someone sinister and who wants her dead. We then flash back a few weeks where we see Chase in her NYC apartment where she receives a call from a gentleman telling her to be on a plane, that she's going on assignment to Anchorage, Alaska. She's a new FBI agent and has been anxiously awaiting "the call" and now it's finally come. She packs her bags and off she goes to the airport, where she's stopped and scrutinized by security. Finally, she gets on the plane just in time as the gate was closing. When she finally arrives in Anchorage, she finds her bags have been lost including her gun and her winter coat. So, off she goes to the scene where two women have been so brutally killed, where their feet have been cut-off.

She's met by Special Agent Martinez, who notices her lack of a winter coat in the cold, frigid temps, offers her his extra red parka, which she gratefully takes. Off they go to the morgue to hear the ME's assessment of the young women's condition. Here they learn not only have their feet been cut but they were also cauterized as well. When Chase touches one of the victims' feet, she instantly is taken to the time of the killing and she believes she actually has become the victim... this experience had never happened before and it catches her off guard at first; however, as the story progresses this phenomenon comes to her aid in solving the case.

As the case progresses and Chase' sense of who the killer really is becoming more clear, Martinez oddly heads off on another case where he soon calls Chase and has her meet him in Boston. Here they find two more victims only these victims are missing their hands, they were found in the river. As things continue to progress, Chase begins realizing who the real killer is and in no time, she knows her life is in danger and she must get out before it's too late. Will Chase find the true killer in time? Or will the killer prevail?

This story is well thought out and developed nicely, with lots of great twists and turns and takes the reader on quite the ride and wonderment at who the real killer is. The character of Chase is well developed, she starts off green so to speak and we see her progress as the story unfolds and she grows into a very wise and established FBI agent as well as dealing with some factors in her past. However, some parts of her past have not been tied up, there are loose ends still dangling with her character. Also, many blaring editing errors. This is why I give this 4 Teacups, loose ends and editing errors. Otherwise, a wonderful book and if you enjoy a good mystery with a strong female character, then this is the book for you!

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