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Blog Tour ~ Tales from Grimlock Cove by Oscar Whiting

Tales From Grimlock Cove

Tour Date: Feb 21-25

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A collections of thrilling, new short stories and novellas. Paranormal tales from the quiet town of Grimlock Cove.


"Unforgettable..." (Kevin P.)


"Too scary to read at night..." (Emily T.)


"I couldn't put it down..." (Dalita M.S.)




It’s a funny thing how houses of healing make room for the dead. Churches have their graveyards; hospitals have their morgues. After an accident, Dex Maddox fights to regain his hearing, but as he recovers, he finds something sinister at Grimlock Memorial Hospital: a creature is stalking him from the shadows.


Mei finds herself on an empty red-eye flight with only a peculiar flight attendant and an unsettling stranger with a violent past. An otherworldly ally reaches out for her, but will Mei survive the red-eye to nowhere?


As D'Andre scrolls through selfies of his best friend Chonks and his girlfriend Amber, he sees a stranger step into the photos. Death ensues, and D’Andre scrambles to save who he can from the stranger in his phone.


Discover a small town where dreams blur with reality, new worlds open up, and evil steps out of the shadows. These are the tales from Grimlock Cove.

Oscar Whiting

Whiting Publishing LLC
October 14, 2023
262 pages
Suspense Thriller

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Author Bio:

I'm an author of paranormal suspense, horror, and fantasy. I started with poetry, worked as a songwriter, and fell in love with writing speculative fiction. I love traveling, making music, movie nights with my wife and dogs, and game nights with friends.


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$10 amazon gift card and a print copy of the book (USA only)


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