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Virtual Tour ~ Passion and Plunder - Highland Heather Romancing A Scot Series by Collette Cameron

you sacrifice everything for the person you love, 

knowing you can never be

Heather: Romancing a Scot #5
Collette Cameron
Releasing May 24th, 2017
Soul Mate Publishing

Would you sacrifice everything for the person you love, knowing you can never be together?

A desperate Scottish lady

Lydia Ferguson—the sole surviving heir to the Laird of Tornbury Fortress—has lost nearly everyone
she loves. Now her father lies on his deathbed. And as if this isn't dire enough, he's invited men from the surrounding area to a warrior’s contest—the winner to claim Lydia as his bride.

 A Scotsman dueling with his past

Alasdair McTavish, son of Craiglocky Keep's war chief, is a seasoned warrior in his own right. So
when he's sent to Tornbury to train the Ferguson soldiers, he's more than equal to the task.

A danger unseen

When a dangerous adversary makes a move against Lydia, a dastardly scheme comes to light, and
Alasdair realizes only he can protect Lydia.

A few feet inside the room, Lydia spun around and planted her hands on her hips. “Pray tell me, what you’re doing? Why are you so upset and acting like a savage? I but spoke the truth. I’m not your responsibility.”

Alasdair leaned against the door, his eyes hooded, and an almost predatory demeanor about his large form. His lips twitched with her last fiery declaration, but he kept stoically silent.

His untamed hair hanging nearly to his shoulders, golden stubble shadowing his face’s chiseled planes, and an unfathomable, wild glint in his steely azure eyes, accented his Viking ancestry. All he needed was a battle-axe and round shield to complete the image of a fierce, marauding Norseman.

And she wouldn’t mind all that much if he’d laid siege to Tornbury.

She feared he’d already done so with her heart.

Oh, the plundering hadn’t been the overwhelming bedeviling of senses as Flynn’s had.

No, Alasdair’s onslaught had been a subtle, insidious seduction, snaring her before she even realized she’d been led into a trap.

He smiled then, that charming, tempting bending of his strong mouth which, despite her pique, towed at her reluctant heartstrings and sent a frisson of excitement coursing through her pores.

His absurdly broad shoulders and marbled muscles appealed to her femininity. Why must he be so deliciously masculine?

Still, he owed her an explanation for lugging her into the drawing room like an errant child.

“Well?” Widening her eyes, she leaned forward a mite, demanding an explanation, irritated at his highhandedness and her wanton response. “What, you’ve nothing to say now? After you dragged me in here, like a crazed, uncivilized barbarian?”

An escapee from the Pacific Northwest’s rainy, gray coast, Collette Cameron believed
teaching her destiny until she dared to tap out her first novel.

She’s been enthralled with writing ever since.

Blessed with three spectacular children, fantastic fans, and a compulsive, over-active,
and witty Muse who won’t stop whispering new romantic romps in her ear, she
still lives in Oregon with her mini-dachshunds, though she dreams of living in
Scotland part-time.

A bestselling, award-winning author, Collette pens Scottish and Regency
historicals featuring rogues, rapscallions, rakes, and the intelligent,
intrepid damsels who reform them. You’ll always find dogs, birds,
occasionally naughty humor, and a dash of inspiration in her sweet-to-spicy
timeless romances.

A member of Novelist Inc., Romance Writers of America, as well as several RWA chapters
including The Beau Monde, Hearts Through History, Celtic Hearts, Rose City
Romance Writers, and the Greater Seattle Romance Writers, Collette admits to a
quirky sense of humor, enjoys trivia and inspiring quotes, adores castles and
anything cobalt blue, and is a self-confessed Cadbury chocoholic.
Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, too many
flowers, or too many books. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

To learn about Collette’s career as an author, visit here, and if you are interested in Tidbits and Trivia about Collette, take a peek here.

Virtual Tour ~ Without Words by Delancey Stewart

Sometimes love speaks for itself…

Delancey Stewart
Releasing May 22, 2017
Entangled Select

Sometimes love speaks for itself…

After an
accident in the line of duty, firefighter Roberto DeRosa’s life is turned
upside down. His career fighting fires is over, and he’s left with an uncertain
future and an injury that makes communicating difficult for him. The only time
words flow easily is when they’re lyrics and he has a guitar in his hands. Talking
to women is definitely out, especially if they have bright blue eyes that seem
to see right into his soul.

Dani Hodge
is on the brink of realizing her dream of opening a small combination wine and
book store in San Diego’s funky Ocean Beach neighborhood. But before she can
open the doors, there’s work to be done, more work than she can do herself.

When the
tattooed guy who completely ignored her at a bar walks by and offers her a hand
wrangling a tile saw, Dani can’t afford to say no—and why would she say no to
Mr. Strong and Silent when his stare conveys more than words could?

contemporary romance from her home outside Washington D.C. In a house populated
by two tiny pirates and one full-sized Marine aviator, inspiration for her
heroes is never hard to find—though quiet time to write often is!

“Are you going to go back?”

I couldn’t help it. The words flew out of my mouth of their own accord, giving voice to the fear that had been swirling in me since Mateo left.

He dropped his arms to his sides and looked down at me from the top of the ladder. “I haven’t decided.” He gave me a sad smile, and there was some unidentified weight behind his words, as if they were infused with a meaning I didn’t quite understand.

“But, I mean, how could you not go?” I asked, unable to help myself. “Your home, your family. It sounds like your dad’s finally come around.”

Rob climbed down and set the screwdriver on the ladder rung, his eyes narrowed as they found mine. “Haven’t thought that far,” he said.

I nodded, though it didn’t make sense to me. “Kinda seems like you have to go. Find out.”
Rob picked up the water bottle he’d set in the corner and nodded to some folding chairs we’d brought over from Trent’s garage. I sat, unable to keep myself from feeling a jolt of pure desire when he straddled the back of the chair and rested his arms, folded, across the top, the water bottle in one hand.

“I might,” he said finally. “Mateo’s right, my life here has changed.”

I watched him, my heart beginning to sink slightly at his words. Had I just talked him into going? I really was a moron when it came to men.

“But I left because I hoped for more.” He shook his head, took a drink from the bottle and then wiped his chin along the shoulder of his faded navy T-shirt. “I wanted to find something myself. Not just take what was given.”

“Things have changed, though.”

He sat back, taking his arms from the top of the chair, a mirthless laugh rolling from him. “Yeah.” He fixed his gaze on the floor.

He thought I meant his injury. “I mean with your dad,” I corrected quickly. “He’s changed his mind, wants to change his will. It sounds like there’s an opportunity there beyond building shelves.” I looked around at the work that had been finished in just one day. Rob was good at building shelves.

But I had no doubt he would be good at other things, too.

His eyes caught mine again, and a shy smile lifted one corner of his mouth. “Maybe,” he said. He held my gaze and the tension that danced between us began to buzz in my ears again. It was like the air shifted, taking on the electricity I felt whenever Rob had touched my skin. “Part of me wants to see what might happen here,” he said, his voice exquisitely low and rough. Something deep inside me tightened, coiled and hot.

Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Rising - The Tazavorn by Sonya Weiss

Sonya Weiss

Genre: Young Adult, SciFi Supernatural Romance

Date: May 9, 2017

sparks fly between a human and a Supernatural, the entire planet
could be at stake.
been ten years since the Great Extinction, when Supernaturals
threatened to destroy humanity. Now, in the sleepy town of Wayside,
Nevada, seventeen-year-old Cassie Grant’s life couldn’t be more
ordinary. Determined to get into an Ivy League college, her focus is
squarely on her studies. But suddenly everything changes when she
witnesses Jason Taylor, a cute and quiet loner, mysteriously save a
young boy from falling to his death.
the Supernaturals ultimately retreated to their planet, three
families were left behind—including Jason’s. So far, they’ve
been successfully hiding in plain sight. But Jason knows that if
Cassie exposes him, all their lives will be in peril—especially
since Cassie’s father is the head of the Alien Eradication and
Defense Department. At first, befriending Cassie is Jason’s
survival tactic. But as they spend more time together, they begin to
fall in love. With the authorities closing in and a hidden threat
that could tear the very Earth apart, can Cassie and Jason keep each
other safe—or will their star-crossed romance start another

Weiss is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and author, including the
Stealing the Heart series with Entangled Publishing. She's addicted
to great books, good movies, and Italian chocolates. She's passionate
about causes that support abused animals and children. Her parents
always supported her bringing stray animals home, although the Great
Dane rescue was a surprise.

the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Punk by Lex J. Grootelaar

Lex Grootelaar
Coming of Age

and entertaining, “Punk” pushes both the rules of writing and the
dominant ideas and expectations of our society. Thrown into the world
of punk rock in the early 1990s, this novel follows the intertwining
lives of a wandering reject and the people he meets as he learns of
his fathers’ unexpected death. It explores themes of social
structure and religious indifference through the eyes of this
disenfranchised man living from one high to the next. The story takes
place over a few hot summer days in Edmonton, Alberta.

coming-of-age story, although set in the 90's, is still very relevant
to today. It explores a quest for God without religion. Written with
bursts of stream-of-consciousness and first-person narrative, “Punk”
is simultaneously an urban existential fiction and a mystery novel.

started writing at a very young age but soon was more consumed with
women, drinking and smoking. It was only when I realized that vice
doesn't lead to virtue that I left childish things behind me and
found myself back into the realm of writing, work, and love. It was
in that aspect that the words started to flow. I have spent the past
few years at study, spending my summers at work fueling aircraft for
Alberta forestry, when I can break away I travel with my lovely and
brilliant spouse.

the tour HERE
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Book Blitz ~ Blessed Curse by Nancy Sartor

Book Blitz
Title: Blessed Curse
Author: Nancy Sartor
Genre: Paranormal

In Rugby, Tennessee, Jorie Wainright and the man she loves, Logan Mathis, grew up as two of the Rugby Six: a group of children so closely bound that they experience each other’s emotional and physical pain. And they have the power to affect others.
At twenty-six, tormented by a darker facet of her past, Jorie abandons love along with the desire to ever be a mother. The act plunges herself and the remaining Six into anguish, and it is all for naught. She is already pregnant with Logan’s child. When her father’s death forces her back to her hometown, she goes alone.
Logan’s love for Jorie forces him to obey her wishes. Still, for him there can be no other woman. And, like always, he can feel her pain...and her need. She waits in a rural Tennessee town on the edge of the spirit world, where a dark and sinister presence threatens all she never wanted. All that Logan knows she will never let die. All he knows they must save—together.
“It’s gone.” Logan Mathis glanced at his business partner and best friend, Greg Asbury. “Right?”
“Yes.” Greg’s face was pale. Logan knew his was too. They’d been working together that morning when Jorie’s near-hysterical terror had skittered up their spines and tried to blow out their brains.
Logan had fumbled for his cell phone, finally got it unhooked from his belt, punched in her number while her panic filled his chest. He paced as he listened to the unanswered rings. “Pick up, damn it,” he chanted over and over until the call went to voicemail. “I hear you,” he said to the voicemail. “I hear you, Jorie. I’m on my way.”
The Nashville condo she and he had shared until three weeks ago was only four miles from Matsbury, his place of business, named for himself and Greg. He threw gravel all over the parking lot as he peeled onto the road. Two traffic lights caught him, and he danced with impatience until they changed.
She was in big trouble, bigger than anything he’d ever felt from her, which was saying a lot in her case. By the time he reached their street, Greg was right behind him. Logan slid into the driveway. Greg pulled up beside him. Both trucks were still rocking on their springs when their drivers got to Jorie’s front door.
“Still got your key?”
“Yeah,” Logan said as he fumbled to get it in the lock. “Jorie? Jorie?” His call had echoed through the tastefully decorated rooms and come back to him unanswered. Even before he’d raced through all the downstairs rooms, Logan knew she wasn’t there.
Greg came back from upstairs shaking his dark head. “She’s not up there.”
“Not down here, either.”
“You call her?”
“Yes, but the way this feels, she’s got no time to call back. Let’s try her office.” Logan had barely managed to lock the door behind him, then drove like a maniac to Jorie’s real estate office. Her car wasn’t there.
He slammed through the door, let Greg catch it before it closed, and said to the receptionist, “Jorie here?”
The girl glanced up from her computer. Glitter sparkled along her eyelids and cheekbones. “She’s on vacation.”
“Vacation?” What he was feeling was no vacation. “To where?”
“She didn’t say.” The girl went back to her computer, leaving Logan hanging over the desktop like a sloth who got lost on his long, slow journey to the floor.
Logan had turned for the door. Greg held it open.
“So where the hell?” Logan asked as the door closed behind them.
“You got any direction?
“East,” Logan had said, running his hands through his hair. “East is all I’ve got. There must be…what? A couple of thousand miles to the east of Nashville?” When they “felt” one another, the feeling often came with a location. Had he and Jorie lost some of their connection? Three weeks was a long time to be apart.
“Something like that.” Greg’s pinched face grew even more pale.
Jorie’s hysteria had ratcheted itself up a notch. Logan’s heart was being sliced one sliver at a time. “I’ve fucking got to find her,” he said.
“I know.”
“I’m heading up I-40.”
“Coming with.”
Logan drove, pushing the truck to go faster, the road to be shorter, his innate sense of her location to come online. Their connection wouldn’t have faded after only three weeks, right? He often didn’t hear from Tim or Rebecca for weeks at a time, and their connections remained strong.
Whatever. She was in ever-increasing terror while he flailed around.
Maybe the problem wasn’t in their separation. Maybe it was in the sleepless, pain-filled weeks that had passed since. Three weeks of dealing with his own pain while hers felt like a boulder across his soul.
Time healed all wounds.
He’d run the gamut of emotions, anger, fear, helplessness, grief. Nothing helped. When he was mad at her, he felt he was eating a part of his own body. Fear kept his stomach burning because living without her meant living without the best part of life.
He was angry at her rationale. She’d decided he wanted kids, decided he’d be better off with another woman and kids than with her and none. She was wrong, wrong, wrong, but no matter how he came at it, he couldn’t make her see it.
Or hadn’t yet.
He wasn’t totally done trying.
“You okay, buddy?” Greg asked.
“Hell no. You?”
“Not even a little. I still get no sense of direction.”
“East,” Logan said pointing at the wide black ribbon of asphalt before them. “East. That’s it.”
The bowling ball in Logan’s gut lightened. He glanced at the passenger seat to see Greg staring at him. “Something’s changed,” Logan said.
“For the better.”
She was still shaky and panicked, but the sharp edge of hysteria was gone.
“You still got a sense of direction?”
Logan had shaken his head. “It’s all fading away.”
“What do we do?”
Logan had shrugged. “What can we do? I’ve left voicemail, but I doubt she’ll call.” He ran a hand through his hair again. “She broke up with me, you know.”
“Didn’t think I’d ever see the day.”
Logan had nodded. Would he stop feeling her when they’d been apart long enough? Would not feeling her leave a permanent hole in his soul? Because that’s what it felt like now. A hole that hurt like hell all day and all night.

Nancy is a Nashville born writer, a charter member and current president of Word Spinners Ink. Also, she is a member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and the prestigious Quill and Dagger writing group in Nashville.
Because her favorite books always do, Nancy believes a novel should enlarge understanding, raise awareness, plead for the less fortunate, define a better way of life, provide a personal story so poignant it brings tears to every eye or in some way contributes something of substance to the reader.
Nancy loves to hear from her readers. You can find her here:

Cover Reveal ~ More Than Love You - More Than Words Series by Shayla Black

Release Date: February 13, 2018
Designer: Rachel Connolly
Photographer: Sara Eirew
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I’m Noah
Weston. For a decade, I’ve quarterbacked America’s most iconic football team
and plowed my way through women. Now I’m transitioning from star player to
retired jock—with a cloud of allegation hanging over my head. So I’m escaping
to the private ocean-front paradise I bought for peace and quiet. What I get
instead is stubborn, snarky, wild, lights-my-blood-on-fire Harlow Reed. Since
she just left a relationship in a hugely viral way, she should be the last
woman I’m seen with.

On second
thought, we can help each other…

I need a
steady, supportive “girlfriend” for the court of public opinion, not
entanglements. Harlow is merely looking for nonstop sweaty sex and screaming
orgasms that wring pleasure from her oh-so-luscious body. Three months—that’s
how long it should take for us both to scratch this itch and leave our
respective scandals behind. But the more I know this woman, the less I can
picture my life without her. And when I’m forced to choose, I’ll realize I
don’t merely want her in my bed or need her for a ruse. I more than love her
enough to do whatever it takes to make her mine for good.

This book is the third in the More Than Words
series. The books are companions, not serials, meaning that backstory,
secondary characters, and other elements will be easier to relate to if you
read the installments in order, but the main romance of each book is a

This book contains lines that may make you
laugh, events that may make you cry, and scenes that will probably have you
squirming in your seat. Don’t worry about cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed! (Does
contain elements of BDSM or romantic suspense.)

Kindle US I Kindle UKKindle CAKindle AU


More Than Want You, Book 1

Available Now

Kindle USKindle UKKindle CAKindle AUNookiBooksKobo 

More Than Need You, Book 2

Releasing June 13, 2017

Kindle US I Kindle UKKindle CAKindle AU I Nook I iBooksKobo 

Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today
bestselling author of more than fifty novels. For nearly twenty years,
she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via
traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold
millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.

Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of
daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her
love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the
stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in
Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the
bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s
been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years.

Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully
supportive husband, her teenage daughter, and two spoiled tabbies.
In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to
an eclectic blend of music.

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