Book Review Submissions

I will never give anything below a 3-star review or in my case Teacups, if I happen to read a book that I feel is lower than 3 stars, I will contact the author and provide a helpful critique.

Recently I have started a YouTube channel and I will also be reviewing your books on my channel. Please subscribe, like, share, and be looking for your reviews!

Janet Greaves YouTube Channel:

Authors and Publishers if you’d like me to review your book or your client's book, please email me at

Please include the following:

Author Name
Book Title
Book Cover (If able, I understand if the cover is not available yet).

Please allow at least one month for the review to be posted, I try to get reviews read and posted within two to three weeks, however, I get so many requests that it may require more time. I will keep in contact with you and let you know if I will need more time to post the review.

I post ALL my reviews on Teatime and Books Reviews, Amazon and Goodreads and on my YouTube Channel. However, I also try to post on Kobo and B&N and anywhere else your book is sold. If there are any other sites you’d like me to post on, please let me know and I’ll gladly post there.  I also share the review on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Genres I Do Not Review:

Horror, Erotica, and Paranormal.

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  1. Lovely clear instructions under the title Book Review Submissions. Sometimes we authors have to go round and round the houses searching for the submissions link only to come to a brick wall when we can't find the email address!
    I also think it is really sweet of you not to post below three stars - I should imagine that would break a writer's heart. And your offer of offering a critique is also very generous.