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Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Sidney Rinn Series - Paranormal Romance Series by Charlie Daye

Rinn Series Book 1
Charlie Daye

Paranormal Romance

name is Sidney Rinn. Growing up in an orphanage without parents and
not knowing where you come from is hard, especially when you have a
gift like mine. I’m a seer. I can see the past in any location I
enter. Sometimes I see ghosts but mostly what I see is an instant
replay of whatever event played out there. If it was important or
traumatic to the person at the time then it’s important to me,
otherwise I wouldn’t see it.

I’m not psychic nor do I claim to be. I’m just your average girl
with an above average talent. Unfortunately, that talent had me
seeing a murder I was never meant to see, which in turn, led me two
of the sexiest men on the planet – Det. Denton Archer and PI
Mitchell Caldwell. When Denton asked for my help on the case, I
jumped in with both feet not realizing that that decision would
change everything.

I’m in love with both men and the killer is after me. Can my life
get anymore complicated?

Rinn Series Book 2

case of a lifetime has landed on Mitch's desk and yours truly is the
only woman in the world that can solve it! 

of the girls from Para University has gone missing. Her last known
whereabouts is a strip club called Tailpipes, owned by the notorious
Hellhounds motorcycle gang. My mission... infiltrate the club, become
an insider and find out what happened to her.

peasy! Or so I thought. Getting into the club was easy. Getting out
alive is the hard part. 

Daye began writing at the tender age of thirteen. With an obsession
for romance, happy endings and the supernatural she delves into your
greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. She will have you laughing,
crying, falling in love and getting angry. She will always give you a
HEA but getting there is the journey worth taking.

Daye was born in Lynwood, California. Her greatest passions are music
and writing. Her first short story was written at the age of
thirteen. At the time her entire class was asked to write a short
story for Halloween as part of a homework assignment. Most of the
kids in the class wrote one to two page stories... Charlie wrote
eight. The short story titled The Haunted House went on to win her
district wide awards and was published locally. From their she began
writing poetry as means of expression.

her writing career began she's has published several titles... The
House, The Colonial, The Reservation, The Portrait, The Gypsy's
Dance, Mistaken for a Call Girl, Her Last Request and Breeders. Four
of which have been nominated for the 2012 RONE Award.

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Book Tour & Giveaway ~ Finding Luna - Pride Book by Becca Fanning

Book 1
Becca Fanning

RH Paranormal Romance

happens when three Lion Shifters have to share one Mate?

was born into a life, if given the chance, she would gladly give
away. Though she is probably one of the wealthiest people in the
country, Maryellen has never wanted her wealth. Nor her family who is
constantly trying to find ways to steal her wealth from her. After
being the sole heir to her grandfather’s fortune, everyone has been
out to get her ever since. After countless kidnapping attempts and
always being afraid to fall asleep, El is finally taking the step to
date someone and perhaps find true love. 

when she meets Ryan on a blind date, her world changes forever. She
is plunged into the world of the paranormal as Ryan reveals his true
identity; that he is the leader of the local Pride of Lions. And more
than that is the fact that Ryan knows El is her mate. And to make
matters more complicated, Ryan is part of a Triad of brothers.
Meaning, El has three mates. As El tries to comprehend this crazy new
life she is a part of, she can’t deny how right this all feels. She
now has the protection of shifters and three men who will love her
and keep her safe. 

even after accepting her new life, she can’t let go of the past.
She will have to find the truth behind why she is always targeted and
come to understand that it’s not just for her money. She will have
to make tough decisions, but at least now she knows she will never be
alone again. 

Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning brings you a compelling and
steamy Reverse Harem Shifter Romance!

Today Bestselling Author Becca is interested in one thing: big alpha
male Shifters who know when to be tough and when to be sensitive. She
didn't think there were enough of those, so she's been writing about
them for the past three years! Her books are steamy with deep
characters, suspense and authentic relationships.

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Book Blitz ~ Sacaren - Sky Warriors: Book Two by Sadie Carter

Sadie Carter
(Sky Warriors, #2)
Publication date: November 7th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Frankie Ricci grew up in a household of men. She could change her own tire, fix a leaking faucet and she wasn’t afraid of squishing a spider, so what did she need a man for? Well, sure there was that. But so far, Frankie had never found someone she was interested in enough to do that.

Nope. She was happy with her life just the way it was.
Sacaren wasn’t happy. He’d always believed his pack would share a mate. Having six of them watch over one mate meant she’d always be guarded, safe. Now, the idea of having to take care of a mate on his own…it made him feel a little ill.
Especially when these human females were so fragile, so easily harmed. How was he supposed to keep one safe?
Well, at least they were small. He’d just have to find a submissive, obedient one and ensure that he kept her tightly under his protection at all time. That would be simple.
Book 1 of the series:

“I’m not some helpless female just waiting for a male to rescue her. This dress may look like something from the nineteenth century, but I am fully capable of looking after myself.”
“You are upset with me for helping get rid of that male with the knife, who wished to relieve you of your money?”
“Yes. I did not need your help.”
“But he was bigger than you. He had a knife. You were alone. At night. That is not safe.”
“No? Really?”
He nodded. Clearly, she did not realize how dangerous it was to be alone at night. “Yes, it is not safe.”
“Wow, I would never have guessed. I mean, the fact that I’ve just been involved in two attempted armed robberies really didn’t clue me in as to how unsafe it is around here.”
“It should. You should have an escort.”
“Don’t really understand sarcasm, do you? Let me guess, a big burly man to watch over me? Is that what I need?”
“Exactly.” He nodded. He was glad she now understood.
“Urgh! Lord save me from idiotic, overgrown men who think they are superior to poor, delicate females. Here’s a tip, buddy, ease up on the steroids. They’re starting to eat away at what little brains you had to begin with.”
“Steroids?” He thought furiously. “Drugs? You believe I am taking drugs?”
She ran her gaze over him. “You don’t get a body like that without some serious help. How many hours a day do you spend at the gym?”
“I do not go to a gym.”
“Uh-huh, right. You’re trying to tell me you were just born this way.” She ran her hand through the air. “What were your parents? Greek Gods? Have you got some sort of superhero complex? What happened? Leave your cape and mask at home?”
Trying to follow her words was really making his head hurt.

Author Bio:
Best selling author, Sadie wanted to blend her love of writing, Sci-Fi (why did they cancel Firefly - sobs) and sexy, dominant males.

If you'd like to keep up with any updates, she has a Facebook page.


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Book Blitz ~ Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster - A YA Fantasy by Kachi Ugo

Cover Reveal ~ One Day - Nights Series by A. M. Salinger

One Day
A.M. Salinger
(Nights, #9)
Publication date: December 28th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
I will never tire of this man. Whatever he wants. Whenever he wants it. I will accept it all. All of him. Forever — Gabe
He taught me so much. How to love. How to laugh. How to fight and make up. And every day that I spend with him is another day I thank God for the gift He granted me when He gave him to me — Cam
With their wedding two months away, Cam Sorvino and Gabe Anderson receive an unexpected invitation from Gabe’s estranged parents to visit them in the US. But the trip doesn’t go as planned and Gabe leaves his family home with a bitter taste in his mouth, the memories of his past trauma fresh in his mind once more. Until Ethan asks him to join him on an incredible project, one with the potential to change Gabe and Cam’s lives forever.
With Ethan in charge of their secret bachelor party, Cam, Gabe, and their friends go on to enjoy the weekend of a lifetime, including one surprisingly hot and wicked night organized exclusively for them by the sexy bartender.
But as the countdown begins to their wedding, Cam can’t help worrying that Gabe is hiding something from him. Little does Cam know about the breathtaking surprises Gabe and Ethan have in store for him and Joe when they finally gather on the island where the wedding ceremony is to take place. And that’s not the only wonderful thing that unfolds in the beautiful surroundings of the tropical paradise.
Join Cam, Gabe, and all the couples of the Nights series in an epic finale that will have you crying, laughing, sighing, and cheering for all their happily-ever-afters.
Note from the author: this book is the final installment in Nights and cannot be read as a standalone. So, what are you waiting for? Get the entire series now and discover the hot, funny, sexy, wicked couples of Nights!
This is a novella length MF/MM romance with a collection of most splendid HEAs!
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Author Bio:
Ava Marie Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary and erotic romance. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS is the first of several sizzling series featuring sweet, sexy men and women with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to fight for their hearts. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.
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Blog Tour ~ The Blackstone Legacy - The Bloodlines Legacy Series by Apryl Baker

Title: The Blackstone Legacy
Author: Apryl Baker
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Angela Fristoe of Covered Creatively
Publication Date: November 13th, 2018
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Since stabbing her brother, Alexandria Reed has lived at Compton Academy, a mental institute disguised as a school. But it wasn’t her fault…was it? Her night terrors had become as real to her as breathing, and she could no longer distinguish reality from her nightmares.

After a long road, her doctor has declared her well enough to leave Compton and rejoin her family in the outside world, but she's worried she won't be able to handle it.

Turns out she’s right, and the monsters are back. The sights and sounds of the horrific creatures snarling and snapping cause her to regress. To hurt people.

She's strapped down to a bed again, the victim of her own insanity. With the help of Dr. Marcel, she's hopeful she can once again put the nightmares to rest.

Only things aren't as they seem. There's something off about the doctor, and she’s having strange dreams—even stranger than the monsters that haunt her. Dreams of a reality where she’s happy and content, but also full of magic and danger.

In the end, she will have to choose one reality over another.

But where does she belong? In the safe, normal reality—or the one that calls to her insanity?

Buy Links:
The BlackBurne Legacy: https://amzn.to/2SKxenO
The Blackwater Legacy: https://amzn.to/2JElY8n
The Blackstone Legacy: https://amzn.to/2JDxIHZ

So who am I?

Well, I’m the crazy girl with an imagination that never shuts up. I LOVE scary movies. My friends laugh at me when I scare myself watching them and tell me to stop watching them, but who doesn’t love to get scared? I grew up in a small town nestled in the southern mountains of West Virginia where I spent days roaming around in the woods, climbing trees, and causing general mayhem. Nights I would stay up reading Nancy Drew by flashlight under the covers until my parents yelled at me to go to sleep.

Now, I live in a small town in West Virginia where I entertain my niece and nephew and watch the cats get teased by the birds and laugh myself silly when they swoop down and then dive back up just out of reach. The cats start yelling something fierce…lol.

I love books, I love writing books, and I love entertaining people with my silly stories.

Author Links:
Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AprylsAngels/

Buy Links:
The BlackBurne Legacy: https://amzn.to/2SKxenO
The Blackwater Legacy: https://amzn.to/2JElY8n
The Blackstone Legacy: https://amzn.to/2JDxIHZ

Release Day Event - Daughter of Souls & Silence - Book 2 of The Rogue Ethereal Series by Annie Anderson

DAUGHTER OF SOULS & SILENCE by Annie AndersonRogue Ethereal - Book 2Release Date: NOVEMBER 13, 2018Genre: Urban Fantasy

Plus, a $50 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!


A Council full of Ethereal Elders wants me dead. Yep, it’s a regular Tuesday.

When you kill a demon there are consequences. 

Centuries-old witch, tattoo artist, half-demon… none of those titles are going to save me this time. The only way I’m going to get out of my death sentence is to take down the biggest, baddest demon there is… My father.

And I thought being burned at the stake was bad...



“Do you know why you’re here?” the blonde dragon asks. Her accent is thick, maybe Russian or Ukrainian perhaps. 

“I have an idea,” I drawl, my left eyebrow hitching up without permission.

Oh, I had more than an idea. I knew exactly why I was here. It probably had something to do with the demon I’d killed. 

“Good, then we’ll dispense with the pleasantries. Maxima Alcado, born Maxima Christina Arcadios, Rogue Witch, denounced member of the former Arcadios coven, shunned daughter of the Demon Andras and Pacific Northwest coven leader, Teresa Alcado, sole heir to the royal seat, you are hereby accused of murdering your Master, Micah Goode, with a forbidden instrument.”

A high-pitched buzzing takes over my hearing as a biting cold seems to seep into my limbs. I hate that name. Hate the way my body betrays me every single time I hear it. Both his name and the one I was given when I came into this world. Arcadios. I’d thought I’d buried that part of me just like my mother had. I guess not. And Micah’s. I hate the way just the specter of him makes it so I can’t go home, can’t even look at my house without my breath coming in these same short pants of an impending panic attack. 

It isn’t fair. I didn’t ask to be branded. I didn’t ask to be born in the family I was. And that’s why Micah wanted me. Because of who my family was. Because of the blood running in my veins.

I guess the self-defense excuse was probably moot here.

I open my mouth to say just that when I hear my Gramma’s voice in my head, her crisp English accent echoing through the edges of my brain.

Don’t say a word, Maxima dear. I’ll fix this. I swear to you. I’ll fix this.

I meet her warm brown eyes, knowing she means it, but also knowing that if it came to it, I might be beyond saving. 

“Have you nothing to say?” the Witch asks, his tone snide as he sneers at me. 

I shift my gaze from Bernadette to him, keeping my face impassive, looking him over. Yes, he’s attractive, but his sneer sours his looks. My assessment must unnerve him because he shifts in his seat. 

Probably used to a bit more groveling, I’d bet.

“So be it,” he pauses – probably for effect – taking over the speaking for the dragon, a little upward crook of his mouth. “The sentence for your crimes is death. Do you have anything to say now?”

It turns out I didn’t.


Snag the first book in the series for just 99 cents!

About the Author:
Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, an old man of a dog, and a young pup that makes life… interesting.

In her past lives, Annie has been a lifeguard, retail manager, dental lab technician, accountant, and now she writes fast-paced thrillers with some serious heat.

Connect with Annie:

Release Blitz & Giveaway ~ Heart Throb - Hearts of Metal Series by Booklyn Ann

 photo Heart Throb_zpssstrkpn9.jpg

Hearts of Metal, Book 7
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: November 13, 2018
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Bassist for heavy metal band, Viciöus, Brand Kife is known for his scowl and inability to form meaningful attachments. When he meets Lexi Adams, the director of the documentary being filmed about Viciöus, Brand wants the smart, sexy woman, but knows he's not worth having. Staying away from the alluring beauty becomes impossible, but he has secrets he'll never share, not even with Lexi.

Lexi Adams wasn’t ready to settle down and may never be. Every time she’d tried to date, the man would want to put his needs first. Her first boyfriend had forced her to choose between him and film school. Her second had wanted her to support his film career. And now that Lexi’s career was finally taking off, she didn’t have time to look for a third. Until Brand Kife, who seems more than happy to keep his distance, until that is impossible and ever more became a reality she embraces with her whole heart and soul.

 photo Heart Throb set_zps3a7jjyfz.jpg

Other Books in the Hearts of Metal Series:

Kissing Vicious
Hearts of Metal, Book 1
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: August 2015

With Vengeance
Hearts of Metal, Book 2
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: May 2016

Rock God
Hearts of Metal, Book 3
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: September 2016

Metal and Mistletoe
Hearts of Metal, Book 4
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: December 2016

Forbidden Song
Hearts of Metal, Book 5
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: January 2018

Tempting Beat
Hearts of Metal, Book 6
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: June 2018

About the Author

 photo Heart Throb Author Brooklyn Ann_zpsa8dg32oh.jpg

A former auto-mechanic, Brooklyn Ann thrives on writing Romance featuring unconventional heroines and heroes who adore them. After writing historical paranormal romance in her critically acclaimed “Scandals with Bite” series and urban fantasy in her “Brides of Prophecy” novels, she now explores the chaotic realm of heavy metal music— a difficult world to find love in.

She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her son, her cat, and a 1980 Datsun 210.

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