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Celebrate the Holiday Season ~ Connected by a Kiss - A Historical Regency Romance Collection by Christina McKnight, Amanda Mariel, Dawn Brower

Celebrate the Holiday Season 
with a collection of Regency Romances.
Available September 18th – Connected by a Kiss: Regency Holiday Collection.
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Title: Connected by a Kiss: Regency Holiday Collection
Author: Christina McKnight, Amanda Mariel, Dawn Brower
Genre: Regency Romance, Holiday Romance
Release Date: September 18th, 2018

A Kiss At Christmastide by Christina McKnight
After a ruinous London season, Lady Pippa Godfrey has given up on the idea of true love--until a devilishly handsome stranger arrives at her Somerset estate, seeking shelter from a winter storm. Soon, she's daring to claim a Christmas kiss with Lucas Hatfield, the Earl of Maddox, but when the storm abates, will he break her heart like all the rest?

How To Kiss A Rogue by Amanda Mariel
Lady Natalie's betrothal is ended and frees her to pursue the man of her dreams. During a holiday party she discovers the lord she desires in attendance. So hatches a plan to snare him.

A Wallflower’s Christmas Kiss by Dawn Brower
An arranged betrothal has Lady Juliette Brooks seeking out her former childhood friend, the Duke of Kissinger to beg him to honor his long ago promise. Grayson Abbot has no desire to marry, but he always keeps his word. As they race to Scotland they rediscover the joy of friendship and a passion neither planned on.

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Excerpt from A Kiss At Christmastide:

A moment of confusion clouded her mind as the laughter dimmed and a light breeze assaulted her face—as if someone had opened a window to a gusty wind.

At her side, Pippa’s mother fanned her face. Her wrist whipped to and fro, increasing as the room went silent.

Everything froze around her but her mother’s thrashing fan.

The Duchess of Midcrest, her dear mother, who’d labored for over twenty years to rise above her merchant class upbringing, would once again be embroiled in a scandal—all because of Pippa.

“Do you wish to depart?” her mother whispered.

“I did not…” Pippa stammered. “I would never…”

“I did not believe you had, my child.” Her mother sought to soften the blow—something that society had done to the current Duchess of Midcrest a hundred times over. “However, that does not change the appearance of things, no matter what we say or do in this moment.”

Pippa lifted her chin to keep her tears from streaming down her face.

“I do not understand why,” Pippa said as she leaned in close to her mother to whisper. “Lady Natalie and I are such friends.”

“Friendship and jealously often hold hands so tightly that one cannot distinguish between the pair.”

Excerpt from How To Kiss a Rogue:

Glancing from behind the fern, her stomach dropped. “Bradford,”—She came out into the open—“What are you doing here?”

“Knightly asked me to come in first.”

She released a breath she hadn’t known she had been holding. Christian was here. “You cannot stay.”
“I must. It would be highly improper to leave you unchaperoned with a man we are not related to.” Bradford smirked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Natalie stepped up to him, placed her hands on his shoulders, and began pushing him toward the door. “Nothing untoward will happen as long as you leave now.”

Oh, why had she failed to think of a chaperone? Now Bradford had his nose squarely in the center of her scheme and he’d surely ruin everything.

A mischievous twinkle lit his eyes and he chuckled. “Nothing untoward will occur at any rate.

Knightly has no wish to ruin you.”

Natalie’s face warmed and she gave another shove. “Mind your own affairs.”

“Perhaps I should tell Mother what you are about.”

“You would not dare! You cannot. Imagine what she would do, Bradford.” Natalie dropped her hands from his shoulders and gave him her best pouty look. “What do you think I am about? You act as though I am some sully maid,” She peered at him, her blood heated with angry indignation. How dare he think she was going about, carrying on trysting with men? No matter it was exactly her intended purpose…he should not assume such from her.

“Do calm yourself. Getting your skirts in a knot will change nothing.” Bradford shook his head. “We both know what you are doing here.”

She closed her eyes for a heartbeat. He was correct, she could no more lie to him than she could herself. “I beg of you, do not say a word to anyone.”

“You are quite entertaining.” He chuckled while he walked toward the door. “I will be directly outside should Knightly require my assistance.”

“You may well be the one in need.” Natalie reached for a nearby pot and flung it toward him. The projectile missed him, crashing into the floor. “You are not entertaining in the least.”

“You had better clean that mess up or Mother is certain to discover what you’ve been getting up to without my having to tell her.” His deep chuckle only increased in volume as he disappeared from the greenhouse.

She ought to have known he was teasing her. He no more wished for their parents to know his friend was secretly meeting her than she did. In retrospect, bringing Bradford along was a good plan on Christian’s part. As much as it pained her to admit it, he would ensure no one caught them alone together. Natalie released a sigh, then smoothed her skirts before Christian entered. Her heart pounded—this was her chance.

She stood still with one hip cocked to the left as he stepped into the greenhouse and approached her. “Lord Knightly, I am pleased you came.”

“You should be equally pleased that your brother was the only one to notice your note. Are you trying to get ruined?”

She swallowed at the harshness of his tone. “On the contrary, that is why I told you not to show it to anyone. Though I must confess, I am pleased Bradford came along. He will make an excellent look out.” She did her best to offer a charming smile despite her sudden nerves.

“And why would we need someone to watch out for us?” Christian leveled his penetrating stare on her.

She reached out a trembling hand and trailed the tips of her fingers across his strong jaw. Even through her gloves she felt his warmth seeping into her—imprinting on her soul. “I want a kiss. One more passionate than the one you bestowed on Lady Pippa.”

Excerpt from A Wallflower’s Christmas Kiss

Grayson sighed. She wasn’t going to be denied anything apparently. It was too late to save her from herself. Very well, he’d deal with her and then send her on her way. He turned and sucked in a breath momentarily stunned. A silhouette of pure beauty greeted him. Her midnight tresses were wound up and bound neatly into an elegant chignon. His fingers itched to unwind it and see it flow over her luscious curves. All of this and he’d still not seen her face. When she finally turned to meet his gaze he lost all ability to breathe. Those sea-green eyes kept him riveted in place. He should stand and greet her but his body refused to function. She was the last person he expected or wanted to enter his home.

“What no words?” She raised an eyebrow. “And I thought you were noted as the witty duke amongst the ton. I must say I’m rather disappointed.”

Grayson drank in the sight of her. He wanted to remember her as she stood before him for the rest of his days. She was glorious, proud, and fearless. “Didn’t your father teach you better than to enter the lion’s den?” He lifted a brow mockingly. “You could very well get eaten alive.”

Her lips tilted at the corner. “I rather like my chances.” She moved further into the room. “After all I tamed a lion before.”

“There’s a difference between a young cub, and a full grown male, Jules,” he explained. “One is more docile and willing to cuddle. The adult wants to be petted—in other ways.” He stood up and gazed directly into her eyes. “A bite can be pleasurable or….” Grayson crossed over to her side and leaned down, whispering in her ear, “painful depending on your preference.”

Juliette took a deep breath but remained where she stood. He’d give her that much. She’d always been a stubborn girl, and apparently she’d not grown out of that trait. If she didn’t take a step back soon he’d be forced to make a choice. Either he pulled her into his arms and kissed her the way he craved or he put distance between them respecting her innocence. It was a hard decision and warred deep inside him, but he did what was best for her. Turned out that some things were ingrained. Protecting her had always been his first instinct.

“If you’re done trying to intimidate me I have something I wish to discuss with you.”

Author Bio:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Christina McKnight writes emotional and intricate Regency Romance with rebellious women and maverick heroes.

Her books combine romance and mystery, exploring themes of redemption and forgiveness. When not writing she enjoys coffee, wine, traveling the world, and watching television.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

Freezing Point - After the Shift Series: Book One by Grace Hamilton

the Shift Series Book 1
Grace Hamilton

SciFi, Post-Apocalypse

In the dawn of a new
Ice Age, families everywhere are taking to the road to escape the
frigid landscape—but you can’t outrun the cold.
No one could have
predicted the terrifying impact of human interference in the Arctic.
Shifts in the Earth’s crust have led to catastrophe and now the
North Pole is located in the mid-Atlantic, making much of the eastern
United States an unlivable polar hellscape.
Nathan Tolley is a
talented mechanic who has watched his business dry up due to gas
shortages following the drastic tectonic shifts. His wife, Cyndi, has
diligently prepped food and supplies, but it’s not enough to get
them through a never-ending winter. With an asthmatic young son and a
new baby on the way, they’ll have to find a safe place they can
call home or risk freezing to death in this harsh new world.
When an old friend of
Nathan’s tells him that Detroit has become a paradise, with
greenhouses full of food and plenty of solar energy for everyone, it
sounds like the perfect place to escape. But with dangerous
conditions and roving gangs, getting there seems like an impossible
dream. It also seems like their only choice.

Chapter one

“What’s that?” Freeson asked, pointing beyond the wrecker’s windshield.
Nathan squinted through the swirling snowflakes peppering the glass, but the wipers were struggling to give meaningful vision beyond the red expanse of his Dodge’s hood. He thought they were on the spruce-lined Ridge Road running between Lake George and Glens Falls but he couldn’t be sure. The cone of light thrown out by its headlights only illuminated the blizzard itself, making it look like a messed up TV channel.

Without any real visibility, the 1981 Dodge Power Wagon W300 4x4—with driver’s cab, a four-person custom-sized crew cab behind that, a wrecker boom, and a spectacle lift—grumbled deep in its engine as Nathan slowed the truck. To stop the tires fully, Nathan had to go down through the gears rather than by the application of the discs. There was a slight lateral slide before the tires bit into the fresh snow. The ice beneath was treacherous enough already without the added application of fresh flakes.

Who knowshow thick the ice is over the blacktop, Nathan thought.
With the truck stopped, he tried to follow Freeson’s finger out into the whirlpooling night.
For a few seconds, all he could see was the blizzard, the air filled with fat white flakes, which danced across his vision like God’s dandruff. Nathan was about to ask Freeson what the hell he was playing at when he caught it. He saw taillights flicker on and the shadow of a figure move towards the truck’s headlights.

Sundown for late April in Glens Falls, New York State, should have been around 7:50 p.m. The Dodge’s dashboard clock said the time was 5:30 p.m. and it was already full dark out on Algonquin Ridge.

The world had changed so much in the last eight years since the stars had changed position in the sky and the North Atlantic had started to freeze over. The pole star was no longer the pole star. It was thirty degrees out of whack. Couple that with the earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis wrecking countries around the Pacific Rim, and the world had certainly been transformed from the one Nathan had been born into twenty-eight years before. And this year, spring hadn’t come at all. Winter had spread her white skirts out in early December and had left them there. It was nearly May now, and there was still no sign of her fixing to pick them up again.

A face loomed up in the headlights, red with the cold, hair salted with snow, the flakes building up on the shoulders of the figure’s parka. It was Art Simmons.

Nathan zipped his own puffy North Face Nuptse winter jacket up to his chin, opened his door, and jumped down into the powder. The snow came up to his knees and he could feel the hard ice below the chunky soles of his black Columbia Bugaboots.

Even through the thermal vest, t-shirt, and two layers of New York Jets sweatshirts, the cold bit hard into Nathan. Without the meager, volcanic-ash-diluted sun in the sky, the early evening was already steel-cold and the blizzard wind made it near murderous. He rolled his hips and galumphed through the snow towards Art.

“Nathan! Is that you?”

Art had, until recently, been a Glens Falls sheriff. He’d been a warm-hearted gregarious man whose company Nathan enjoyed a lot. But since being laid off when the local police department had shut down, he’d become sullen and distant. Seeing Art so animatednowoffered the most emotion Nathan had seen coming from the chubby ex-cop since before Christmas.

“What’s the trouble, Art?”

Art’s words tumbled in a breathless rush. Sharp and short, it was clear that the cutting air had begun constricting his throat. “Skidded. Run off the road. I couldn’t even seethe road… I’m in the ditch… Been here an hour...”

Runoff the road?”

Art nodded. “Glens Falls has been overrun, Nate. Scavengers tracked me. If I wasn’t trying so hard to outrun ’em, I wouldn’t be here now. Hadn’t driven so fast, when I lost them through Selling’s Bridge…”

Nathan had heard the rumors of small packs of raiders using snowmobiles to hold up residents in their cars, stealing supplies and invading homes. But he hadn’t seen evidence of them himself. He’d only been told by neighbors and friends they were operating in other parts of New York State, fifty miles further south than Albany, but not until now had he gotten any notion they might be as far up in the state as Glens Falls. But now that they were here, the lack of an operational police department in town might just make them bolder and more likely to try their luck with what they could get away with.

“Where did they go?” he asked.

Art shook his head. “Guess they lost me in the blizzard when I came off the road. Maybe gone off to track some other poor bastard. They won’t be far.”

Freeson joined them in front of the truck, banging his arms around his own parka to put feeling into his fingers. His limp didn’t help him wade through the snow and his grizzled face was grim, but Nathan knew the determination in Freeson’s bones wouldn’t allow his physical deficiencies to stop him doing the job Nathan paid him for. The cold might freeze and ache him, but the fire in Freeson’s belly would counter the subzero conditions for sure.

Freeson hadn’t been right since the accident, maybe. Quiet at times, and quick to anger at others, but he was always one hundred percent reliable.

Together, they walked the ten yards down through the snow to the roadside ditch beneath the snow-heavy trees.

An hour in the blizzard had made Art’s truck almost impossible to recognize. Nathan only knew it was a white 2005 Silverado 1500 because he’d worked on it a dozen times in the past ten years. The last time had been to replace a failed water pump that had fritzed the cooling system. Nathan smiled wryly. No one needed their cooling system fixed now—not since the Earth’s poles had shifted. Since that unexplained catastrophe, the Big Winter’s new Arctic Circle had been smothering Florida and the eastern seaboard, all the way up to Pennsylvania and beyond. It had frozen the Atlantic clear from the U.S. to North Africa.

The world was a very different place from the one Nate had been born into twenty-eight years ago.
Art told them he’d been turning the taillights on and off every ten minutes to signal to anyone who might be passing, trying to preserve battery life at the same time. He said Nathan’s wrecker had been the first vehicle to show up since his slow-motion slide into the ditch.

Nathan scratched his head through his hood and looked up the incline of Algonquin Ridge. The Silverado was trapped between two spruces on the edge of the ditch. The tail had kicked up as the front end had dropped, leaving the back wheels floating in space—or, would have done that if the snow hadn’t already drifted beneath them and begun to pack in.

There was no leeway in the tree growth to get the wrecker onto the downslope of the road, either, though the easiest way out of this would have been to pull the Silverado down the thirty-degree incline. Instead, they were going to have to pull Art’s truck up the slope and fight gravity all the way.
Nathan opened his mouth to tell Freeson to get back in the wrecker and start her up, but Art placed a hand on his shoulder and pointed into the trees. “Look.”

Through the forest, three sets of Ski-Doo headlights were moving along two hundred yards up beyond the treeline. The blatter of two-stroke engines was dampened by the snow, but still unmistakable. This part of the ridge was well out of town and had once been a popular tourist trail. There were wide avenues between the spruce where summer people rode chunky-tired trail bikes, and winter people, Ski-Doos. They had room to maneuver.

“They’re back,” said Art.

Better get this show on the road.

In theory, it should have been a simple operation. Nate turned the wrecker around and reversed it towards the ditch while Freeson and Art cleared as much snow as they could. As they worked, Freeson bitched about the way the town was dying and how you couldn’t get much of anything from the last store in town, and that the hospital was going to be shutting down and you couldn’t get fuel oil, and… and… and…

 Nathan knew Freeson was just working his jaw to keep his mind off the cold, but the litany of unhappy changes on his lips, when run together like that, did nothing to spread warmth through the three men. In the past, Freeson would have been telling a stream of off-color jokes that would make Nathan groan at best and look for a stone to render his employee unconscious at worst. But since the Arctic Circle had shifted, leaving a trail of dying towns and cities in its wake, the resulting changes had been the only topic of Freeson’s conversation. That was when he wasn’t weeping because of the loss of his wife.

Nathan and Freeson latched the boom hook from the wrecker to the rear of the Silverado with a tow strap while Art got into his cab and started the engine. The blizzard maintained a steady build-up of snow on anyone who stood still for more than ten seconds, wind whipping at their faces like slaps from an angry girlfriend.

Through the trees, the scavengers’ Ski-Doos circled like sharks. Not getting any nearer as yet, perhaps waiting for the right time to take advantage. They could have just dived down on the trio and trapped the truck where it was, but Nathan figured they were trying to raise the tension and get them more scared—scared enough to abandon the trucks without a fight, maybe.

Hamilton is the prepper pen-name for a bad-ass, survivalist
momma-bear of four kids, and wife to a wonderful husband. After being
stuck in a mountain cabin for six days following a flash flood, she
decided she never wanted to feel so powerless or have to send her
kids to bed hungry again. Now she lives the prepper lifestyle and
knows that if SHTF or TEOTWAWKI happens, she'll be ready to help
protect and provide for her family.

this survivalist mentality with a vivid imagination (as well as a
slightly unhealthy day dreaming habit) and you get a prepper fiction
author. Grace spends her days thinking about the worst possible
survival situations that a person could be thrown into, then throwing
her characters into these nightmares while trying to figure out "What
SHOULD you do in this situation?"

her wish that through her characters, you will get to experience what
life will be like and essentially learn from their mistakes and
experiences, so that you too can survive!

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Jaguar - A Paranormal Romance by Kayden McLeod

Kayden McLeod
Paranormal Romance

seemed so normal before I met the perfect guy. Then everything

swimming and camping is the picture perfect vacation for Katrina. She
needs a break from what has become her everyday life. She meets
Kalvyn, tall, dark, with captivating green eyes. The attraction is
instant, highly sexual, skittering on the edge of dangerous. In her
heart, she knows there is something about Kalvyn he isn’t saying.
When strange sighting of wild cats in the campgrounds, her life falls
to shambles, and she has nowhere to turn. Kalvyn tries to protect
her, but what man can protect the woman he loves, from himself?

McLeod is a paranormal and fantasy author, who dreams big, and writes
bigger. She gets her inspirations from all manners of life and events
that surround her. She is best known for her paranormal books, the
Coven Series. Now, she embarks on new adventures in the dark world of
Shadowdyn, found in the pages of the Demon Queen Series. As well, she
has started to write her first YA fantasy books under the name Kinsey

is an award winning Cover and Graphic Artist, and the co-owner of
Otherworlds Publicity. In the past, she's completed cover
art for a variety of publishers, although her freelance makes up
most of her portfolio.

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Release Blast ~ Ravaged - The Oblivion Series by Barb Shuler


The Oblivion Series; Book 2
Publish Date: September 18, 2018
Cover Design by: MadHat Books

Pre-Order Now On Amazon
US : AU : CA : UK

My life has been chosen for me.

Hunger eats away at me with every breath I take - I have to fight to keep it inside. I have to stay hidden in a world that isn’t mine. My father is a vampire.

I, however, am much more.

There are secrets my father won’t tell me. Each day that passes, I can feel something inside me fighting to get free. The only time it’s quiet is when the stranger is around. My soul calls to his.

As the world around us starts to change, my true self starts to emerge. But the power inside, once set free, can’t be taken back.

:: Other Books in this Series, Coming Soon ::

Publish Date: September 25, 2018

:: Other Books in this Series, Available Now ::

Publish Date: September 11, 2018
Cover Design by: MadHat Books

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK
**On Kindle Unlimited

:: Other Books in the same world ::

You would think that having the ability to shift into a creature of the night would garner some respect, right? Wrong! At least not for these Guardians.

Tiberius and Horacio are Guardians. Shifters that live within the human world, but go unseen by the humans. They stalk the streets, slipping silently through the shadows, watching and waiting to intercede at the first sign of trouble. Humans have no knowledge of their existence as contact between Guardians and Humans is forbidden.

It is their most sacred law, established long ago when shifters first came to this world.

But even laws that are set in place to save your life can be bent, and when necessary, broken.

When Tiberius and Horacio save a human woman, Jasmine, from being attacked by rogue shifters, things change for both worlds. Their actions set in motion a series of events that were foretold many eons ago.  

Ancient prophecies speak of a union, a life, that will revive the past – a past that many in the supernatural community want to keep buried. But, buried secrets always find a way of coming back to bite us in the ass when we least expect it.

When these revelations come to light, Jasmine won’t be the only one in danger anymore.

Will they be able to survive the evil heading their way or will the dark forces opposing them destroy all they hold dear?

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK
**On Kindle Unlimited

:: About the Author ::

I’m a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth... so I have a Texas-sized temper. Living and working in both states I’ve learned a lot about hard work, adapting to your surroundings and making the best of the path that you have been led down. My grandma Dollie once told me I would know what I was meant to do when it happened. She was right, as always.
As with most book lovers, I am an avid reader. Reading has always been a hobby - a passion, really. Reading helps to expand the perimeters of one's mind. That is what got me to start writing as a kid. If I had paper...or a wall... I was writing. Words are a part of us all. Why not use them, right?
During the day I work as a ‘desk jockey’ and help the residents of my county navigate themselves around our little, but not too little country town. By night I am either blogging, doing PA work for some of my favorite authors or I am fighting with the voices in my head. (They can be stubborn at times.) It’s a way to cope and make the troubles of the day disappear, if only for a few hours. It’s a blessing and I am cherishing every moment. For that which is my creation, may become someone else's treasure.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to make sure I live the day as fully as possible.

:: Connect with Barb here ::

The Lost Royals Saga - A YA/NA Paranormal Romance by Rachel Jonas

Title: The Lost Royals
Author: Rachel Jonas
Genre: upper YA/NA Paranormal Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

Wolves. Dragon shifters. A fallen kingdom destined to rise again.

Evie Callahan is positive there's something strange going on in Seaton Falls, her new home. The locals are bigger, stronger, and faster than most. That includes Nick, the boy next door who's become her silver lining in this godforsaken town.

She wants to trust her instincts--about Nick, about what she suspects in Seaton Falls--but rumors of wolves and dragon shifters makes it hard to tell what's real. With a history of odd dreams and the nagging sense that she's never belonged, Evie fears she's losing touch with reality. Her concern only grows when someone who's haunted these dreams is suddenly tangible ... and claims to hold the key to unlocking her true identity.

Finding out her entire life has been a lie is scary enough, but what's downright terrifying is discovering who she's destined to become.

Evie's much more than your average, seventeen-year-old girl.

And this is her genesis.

Hey! I'm Rachel, a Michigan native with a passion for writing. I have several young adult releases on my schedule. Those releases will be within the genres of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and dystopian fiction, so I hope you stick with me and check out my future work!

Aside from the many hours spent happily pecking away at my keyboard, I'm a wife, mother of three, an avid reader, and a gamer with a penchant for all things Sims. There will always be a keyboard at my fingertips and I look forward to the words that will flow from them for many years to come. As a self-proclaimed nerd, there's not a more satisfying career choice I could have made. Happy reading!

Author Links:

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The Genesis of Evangeline: https://amzn.to/2QoPSjN
Dark Side of the Moon: https://amzn.to/2x7WxpE
Heart of the Dragon: https://amzn.to/2NAd53X
Season of the Wolf: https://amzn.to/2x6vdby
Fate of the Fallen: https://amzn.to/2p0dnDl

Rite to Reign - A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection

Title: Rite to Reign
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: December 11th, 2018
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Something wicked this way comes…

>Willful witches, supernatural sorcerers, cruel queens, and powerful priestesses fall out of favor and rise to rule in this highly sought-after collection of spellbinding stories!

More than 20 award-winning and bestselling authors have come together to curate this bewitching boxed set collection of the best PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY books in the genre, each brimming with stories of royal magic.

Journey through worlds of danger and mayhem, where witches and warlocks battle for influence and wizards fight for unrestricted power.

But reader beware: the highly addictive stories in RITE TO REIGN will put you under their spell. One click to secure your limited edition copy today!

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Participating Authors: 
Heather Marie Adkins
Teresa Roman
JJ King & Candace Osmond
SJ Davis & P. Mattern
Scott Hungerford
Shawna Romkey
Ash Krafton
Christine Ashworth
Anna Santos
Melissa Winters
Colleen S. Myers
Andie M. Long
Alex H. Singh
Sabrina Ramoth
L.C. Ireland
Louisa Bacio
Grace White
Helen Scott
Carma Haley Shoemaker
Kyndra Hatch
Mirren Hogan & Stephanie Barr
E.B. Black
Elle Middaugh
Kat Parrish
Tanya Dawson

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