Book Review Submissions

Now Accepting Reviews for June 2020 and Beyond!

Review Update 

Review Requests are being taken for 2020 and onward!

Review Policy

Authors and Publishers if you’d like me to review your book or your client's book, please email me at or send a letter of inquiry or print book to the address below.

Formats I accept:
Mobi for Kindle

Feel free to send a print copy or letter of inquiry to:

Janet Greaves
435 Masonville Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

When requesting a review please include the following:

Author Name
Book Title
Publisher (if there is one)
Book Cover (If able, I understand if the cover is not available yet)

Please allow at least one month for the review to be posted, I try to get reviews read and posted within two to three weeks, however, I get so many requests that it may require more time. I will keep in contact with you and let you know if I will need more time to post the review.

Once reviews are posted I will email you all of the links, please note that it may take a day or more for Amazon to approve reviews.

For a new release, I try to post reviews on release day or within the release week, when possible; however, I do read books from even years ago, so feel free to send any review requests.

I do not accept money for reviews.

Teatime and Books Rating Scale

I will never post anything below a 3-star review or in my case Teacups here on my blog, if I happen to read a book that I feel is lower than a 3, I will contact the author or publisher and provide a helpful critique.

For ARC's, I do not rate based on grammar, spelling, etc., just content and overall plot. Published books I will take into account the grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.

5 Teacups - You will be up All night, need lots of tea!
4 Teacups - You will be up Most of the night, need a fair amount of tea!
3 Teacups - You will be up Some of the night, need a little bit of tea!

Genres I Do Not Review: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, and Horror. I will, however, gladly spotlight these on the blog.

Please follow me on Goodreads where I not only review the books I read but also give daily updates as I’m reading the books. I would love to connect.

Other Places I Review:

*Coming Soon* YouTube:

Amazon: Teatime and Books

BookBub: @Teatime_and_Books

Twitter: @Teatime_Books

Instagram: @Teatime_Books

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  1. Lovely clear instructions under the title Book Review Submissions. Sometimes we authors have to go round and round the houses searching for the submissions link only to come to a brick wall when we can't find the email address!
    I also think it is really sweet of you not to post below three stars - I should imagine that would break a writer's heart. And your offer of offering a critique is also very generous.