Monday, March 12, 2018

Teatime and Books Review ~ Appetite for Innocence - A Dark Psychological Thriller by Lucinda Berry #dark #psychological #thriller #bookreview #review

An amazing psychological thriller! Appetite for Innocence kept my attention all the way through from page one. Several girls have been kidnapped and later disappear for good, nobody knows what happens to them; that is until Ella. Ella is your average teenager, she's great at school, a fantastic track star and deeply loved by her mom. On one of her runs she meets a decent looking man driving in a black car claiming to have lost his dog, she gets closer to the car to look at the picture of the dog and the next thing she knows she's waking up in a dank, dirty, basement. Her hands and feet and mouth have been tied. She's scared out of her mind... but she's also not alone, there are two other girls in the basement with her. Through her ordeal, she soon forms a bond with the girls, except one of the girls remains aloof and quite the controller. Her name is Sarah and to the other girls, she's the kidnapper's own daughter.

After horrific attacks and a multitude of rapes, Ella has had it, she wants out and she does escape within mere inches of her life. She and interestingly Sarah are the only two who remain, the other girl trapped with them is nowhere to be found, they aren't sure if she's died or if she was taken by the kidnapper who is known as John.

After her ordeal, Ella is tremendously messed up and wants nothing but to be with her mom; however, her mom has taken a soft spot to Sarah; Sarah has no family and her "Father" at least as we know at this point is a rapist and kidnapper. So, Ella's mom takes Sarah into her home and offers to help her heal, but is Sarah who she thinks she is? Can Sarah and Ella ever recover from the horror they have been through? If you love a good psychological thriller, then this for sure is the book for you!

I give this 4 Teacups only due to some of the major editing errors throughout the book. A very well-written tale and one that for sure will keep you up; however, the errors are a bit too glaring to ignore.

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