Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review ~ Lord of Fortune - Legendary Rogues: Book 3 by Darcy Burke #historical #romance

Lord of Fortune

(Legendary Rogues Book 3)


Darcy Burke

Mystery and Romance make for a great combo in Lord Of Fortune by Darcy Burke! A dynamite high 5 stars for this amazing tale! We first meet Penn Bowen and his friend "Egg" who are in a cave searching for a very important artifact when all of a sudden they are met with shots from a very determined fellow who wants his hands on the artifact; however, to Penn's surprise the stranger is no man, but a delightfully lovely and very beautiful woman, still determined to find and possess the artifact for herself. The artifact they both seek is a gold dagger; however, they are not the only ones in pursuit of this precious dagger.

Amelia Gardiner is in pursuit of the dagger because it was her Grandfather's work and she wants him credited. However, Penn informs her that the dagger is a fake and they are both then in pursuit of the real dagger. During their journey to seek out the dagger and also a very precious "heart" artifact feelings begin to evolve and Penn pushes them away every chance he can; however, the delectable Amelia seems to be pulling at his heart as hard as he pulls away. Will Amelia and Penn find the precious artifacts and will they open up to the love boiling within their own hearts?

I absolutely love this tale, Burke is such an impeccable writer. Her stories are rife with passion and love, but also intrigue and a lot of good tension! If you love a deep, passionate romance with a bit of mystery, then this is the book for you!

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