Sunday, May 27, 2018

Legal Disclosures/GDPR Acknowledgement/Privacy Policy

Legal Disclosures/GDPR Acknowledgement/Privacy Policy

Dear Readers,

As of May 25, 2018, there are new regulations going into effect to protect your personal data. Consider this page to be my full acknowledgment of the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) as it affects my readers/authors/bloggers/publisher, etc. outside of the United States, and reassures my readers within the US.


How This Affects Subscribers:

At this time, I only use Feedburner (a Google product) provided by Blogger to obtain subscribers to my blog. As such, you, yourself, have to personally sign up to receive emails from me and you, yourself, have to authorize these emails (which you will receive almost daily, as that is how I have my blog posts published). I do NOT manually subscribe anyone to any email list or subscription. The email addresses are stored in the Google platform, and yes, I have access to them - HOWEVER, I never use the email addresses stored in Feedburner for any reason outside of what they are stored for - getting a daily email from me with my daily blog posts listed for your convenience. You are able to UNSUBSCRIBE at any time and you will not hear from me again (unless you change your mind and resubscribe).

FYI ~ This is the message you receive from Feedburner after signing up to receive emails of my blog posts:

You received this message because someone requested an email subscription for (your email will be shown here) to a FeedBurner feed. If you did not make this request, please ignore the rest of this message.

Hello there,

You recently requested an email subscription to Sapphyria's Books. We can't wait to send the updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately:

(Your activation link will be here for you to click).

(If the link above does not appear clickable or does not open a browser window when you click it, copy it and paste it into your web browser's Location bar.)

This message was sent to you by FeedBurner (
You received this message because someone requested a subscription to the feed, Sapphyria's Books.
If you received this in error, please disregard. Do not reply directly to this email.

How This Affects Commentors:

If you leave comments on any of my blog posts, you understand that I have access to your comments, as do others. If you use the Blogger/Google platform, you also have a profile. By leaving a comment on my blog, I, along with anyone else who visits my blog, can click on your username link in the post and visit your blog/website, profile, or whatever landing page you have associated with your name in the comments. I do not have control over that. Your information is only collected for the comment and is not used for any other purpose. 

Teatime and Books, or any other entity I own (En Pointe Author Services) will not use this information to contact you for any reason. I moderate comments daily. Also, I use the highest spam guard on Blogger to catch anything else that looks fishy. All spam or inappropriate comments are submitted to Google as spam and permanently deleted. It is my goal to keep my readers’ and their information completely protected and keep Teatime and Books a safe haven for all.

Thank you, dear readers, for following my reviews and reading endeavors. It is such a great joy to bring you new books and the amazing authors who write them!

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