Thursday, February 13, 2020

Book Blast ~ Wicked's Scandal - The Wickeds: Book 1 by Kathleen Ayers

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Wicked's Scandal is on sale February
12 - 15 for only $.99! Also available in Kindle Unlimited!

Alexandra Dunforth didn’t plan on
creating a scandal….

She’s more concerned with her family estate and the aged servants left
in her care. She’s also avoiding the marriage her uncle has arranged.
The last thing she wants is to attract attention - especially from the
biggest rake in the ton, Sutton “Satan” Reynolds, the infamous Marquess
of Cambourne.

Lord Cambourne detests London...

The weather is poor. Women are begging for ruination at his hands. And
he suspects his stepmother is attempting to have him murdered. All
things considered, he’d rather return to the relative safety of the
jungles of Macao.

A chance meeting….

Alexandra is the most interesting woman Sutton has met in ages. She
scoffs at his ridiculous nickname and isn’t impressed with his looks.

Sutton isn’t deterred by Alexandra’s opinion of him instead, he’s
intrigued. He’s finally found a woman he actually wants to ruin.Boo


Wicked’s Scandal is a steamy historical romance set in
post-regency London with a guaranteed happily ever after. Book 1 of the

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