Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Countdown 2018 ~ Miss Dashwood's Dilemma - An Authentic Regency Romance by Arabella Sheraton

Arabella Sheraton grew up on a diet of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and many other writers of that period. From Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer, Arabella has found both enjoyment and inspiration in sparkling, witty Regency novels. She also loves history and generally finds the past more fascinating than the future. Arabella wrote her first Regency romance to entertain her aged mom who loved the genre. Arabella is honoured to share the adventures of her heroes and heroines with readers.

In this delightful traditional Regency romance,
Miss Diana Dashwood accepts an invitation to Lady Prescott's Christmas party at
Camden House, in the countryside. But things do not go quite as she imagined.
Through an unexpected event, she is forced to spend the night in a woodsman's
hut with one of the guests. What a scandal! 
Of course, Sir Gareth Blakely must
propose, and he does. Unfortunately, Miss Diana Dashwood has already been
engaged to and broken off her engagement from Sir Gareth Blakely after a bitter
quarrel. Is it likely she will bow to social pressure and accept his proposal,
one made only to save her reputation, and if they marry, does their union stand
a chance of survival? 
And what about the pretty heiress, Miss Jemima Plymstock,
whom everyone thinks is the lady Sir Gareth had his eye upon? Headstrong and
proud, Miss Diana Dashwood is caught in a dreadful dilemma. A must-read for
Regency fans!


“Sir Gareth Blakely,
ma’am,” Patsy whispered in tones of awe as she cast a terrified glance at
Mama, who’d
been dozing in her chair, her lace cap askew, opened her eyes and looked up,
startled. “What? What did you say about Sir Gareth, Patsy?”
Diana froze.
Impossible. He could not be here. He would never come here, not after what had
transpired between them. She took refuge in indignation. How inconsiderate of
him to just spring a visit upon them, knowing there was no reason for any
further communication. Any man with a shred of decorum would have penned a
polite note and asked to make a suitable time at their convenience. What did he
want after all this time?

She opened her
mouth, but no words came out. The book she’d been trying to read slipped from
her fingers and fell to the floor. She leaned down to pick it up. Just the
simple action made her head swim.

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