Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Release Boost ~ The Hunter: A Nightingale Novel by T. M. Dawson

A Nightingales Novel
Book 1

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A hunter lies in waiting. 

Nessa McRae is just a tattoo artist enjoying an ordinary life when a demon sets his sights on her. Determined to capture her at all costs, Nessa’s world quickly gets turned upside down. Unfortunately for her, life may never be normal again. 

Enter Ailes MacGillivary, a half-demon half-human man determined to protect Nessa at all cost. He’s part of the Nightingales, a group of paranormals that secretly protect the city from the monsters hidden in the shadows.

Filled with secrets of his own that could change everything in Nessa’s life, he will either be the best thing for her or the worse. 

The world has more secrets then Nessa could ever imagine and if she’s not careful, it just might cost her everything. Can Nessa and Ailes stop the hunter before he finds her or will they lose everything? 

Order a copy from your favorite retailer
US : AU : CA : UK

Teaser Excerpt:

Ailes broke the kiss and lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved against the sensitive apex between her legs, showing her just how much she made him want her.
“This is what you do to me, lass,” Ailes growled.

T.M. Dawson is a voracious reader, she enjoys doing crafts, spending time with family, drawing and writing Paranormal Romance. She is a Texas native living with her husband, black dog and cat.

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